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July 16, 2016 - MegaDeathShark

So team huddle has become more bullshit

Because not many of us “volunteer” to recognize other people. One of the piece of shit TL has decided to call on people to give recognition. I was called on recently, tried to recognize someone who wasn’t here and was poked fun at for it. Bad enough that you’re gonna force us through this bullshit procedure, but now I can’t even fucking recognize who I wan’t to recognize?! Just the other day, they tried to fire one of the new hires for eating hot cheetos during a huddle. Like seriously? That shit is unheard of. I’m starting to wonder what it takes to be a Team Leader; probably by being the best asshole you can be.


P.S, I just looooooove pushing furniture on my own.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Why can't they ever understand that not every person who works there is a social person? I'm not a social person, I just work there and talk sometimes to a person or another employee. Not big time social though.


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