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May 12, 2016 - RetailMeNot

So listen to this…

Some stores I know are very good at keeping equipment and keys in check. They hold everyone, or try to, accountable if lost/stolen, etc.  Then, there is my old store. Keys have been lost. Equipment missing/broken.

Some stores are very good at getting training completed, with the support of leaders.

I was terminated for two reasons.

  1. I brought my work center keys home….but returned them within the hour that same night.
  2. There was a team member who had training due. Her leaders were informed twice a week for two months of this training she had to do. Emails were sent. Lists with dates and names printed and posted. Reports with highlighted names and dates placed in every mailbox. When it came to the day before the training was to be due… I informed the leaders that needed to be told. So here’s the issue….would you key in this training, stating that it’s done…when it wasn’t? Or do you not key it in, and let the training report go RED for the week? See the issue? Falsify documents, or don’t falsify documents? I opted to NOT falsify documents, as I wanted my job. I LIKED my job, if you can believe THAT!  I was termed for letting it go to red. For not keying in the undone training.

Riddle me that.


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