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May 7, 2016 - BlueSky

So Let’s Talk Advice

So lets pretend that there’s a store that’s pretty decent except for the STL. SWIM works there, and they recently found out that their relatively new STL was sent to their store because this other store in their district tried for months to get this STL fired for horrible behavior and numerous ethics violations but dozens and dozens of Integrity reports later, they can’t give her the boot. This STL was given a pay raise and booted from the other store to SWIM’s store because of this. This STL warps peoples’ hours, giving some people she doesn’t like one shift a week, and giving others non-stop closing shifts and no days off because this STL learned that that was something that would be hard for them.  SWIM’s HR seems to be trying their best, but the STL has the final say. SWIM found out today that there’s a mass-quitting being organized, which will be most of this store’s good HL team. Some have been there for years.

SWIM’s STL also keeps reporting SWIM for things that aren’t true, trying to get SWIM fired. SWIM actually does their job very well and has gotten out of each fake report completely unscathed after the investigation, but SWIM is wondering if there’s anything they can do OTHER than give Integrity a ring, as that seems to result in them getting in trouble with all the managers.

SWIM is looking for advice.


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  • Silverfox says:

    Can they write headoffice about her? Call up the district manager? Ask him to visit the store incogito?

  • viciousdave says:

    Call you state labor law place about discrimination. That STL is doing bad to everybody by choosing who's good and who's not so good, and who gets more hours, who gets none. This is discrimination based on likelihood of certain people types. She can be fired by your state permanently forever. I've seen a lot of people permanently taken away from there job because they have been reported to the state.


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