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August 19, 2013 - Thatwierdguy

So here’s my situation …..

Just in case other people haven’t seen my other post, I was recently hired at Target. They told me “We saw on your application that your availability is 35+ hours a week but as of right now, we are can only give you 20 hours, maximum, a week.” She said that because the store has been slow lately. But, when the holidays come by, she said that my hours are going to be doubled. So I thought “Well that’s fine, in the meantime I’ll look for a second job.” My last day there was the 15th, training on Sales Floor. I looked at the schedule before I left and saw that my next work day is on the 25th, next Sunday. That’s a whole 10 DAYS!! So far my experience working there has been “hhmm, this place is, ok” …. my co-workers seem to ignore me when I call for help, customers have given me weird looks for god knows whatever reason and they seem to always be pissed, I’m really slow at register and so far I only consider 1 person to be my friend and trust. So this is where I would like some suggestions.

Would you guys stay and hope for the best that your experience turns around or maybe get more hours? Would you guys put in your 2 weeks and look for another job? I have only talked to my friends about this and half of them say “stay” and the other half say “fuck em'” … it’s funny because if I stay and tell my family I don’t enjoy it there, they’ll be like “Oh your so stupid for staying somewhere you don’t like and bla bla bla” and yet if I quit they’ll be like “Your so lazy! You barely got hired and now you want to quit. What are you going to do with your life?!” It feels like I’m on a barbed wire fence …. one side has a pool full of sharks, the other side is full of rottweilers and staying on the fence is nothing but pain and anguish.


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  • KEENtan says:

    Have you checked the board where people post their shifts to be taken? Even though I'm never scheduled 40 hours, I can usually pick up a couple of cashier shifts from the board and it evens out. At my store most of the sales floor people give up their cashier shifts, so it's pretty easy to get hours. This may not be true of your Target.

    My next point is, if you think guests are rude and your team members are always pissed now, this increases 100 fold when the holiday season approaches.

    If I were you, I wouldn't quit until you have found a new job. I have always seen Target as more of a holding pattern for me. Something that isn't permanent and just a hold over until I get a "real job."

  • Chris. 349 says:

    KEENan is right. You should at least explore the possibility of picking up co workers shifts on the swap shift request sheet. At my store there is an abundance of people who would love to give up a shift or two. Probably because Target just schedules them whenever. If it gets that bad, which I doubt. Once you hit October you should start to see an increase in your hours. But if it gets that bad, don't put in your two week notice until you have another job or else you'll have cause yourself a major problem.

  • Thatwierdguy says:

    Cool, thanx for the advice. I completely forgot about the board thing, ugh I should have checked that before I left. But this morning I received a call from Fry's asking if I was still interested in working with them, I said yes and went along with a scheduled interview. If I do get hired there than I will put in my 2 weeks at Target. Good god it will be so awkward, a new guy that barely started and only worked about 3 days and now he's quitting. Let's see how it goes ....

  • Angelknight says:

    o.o it's summertime, the store should be busy and scrambling to prepare for the last two weeks before school starts. Not giving people tiny hours.

  • viciousdave says:

    School is not as big a time as it once was. I'm a cashier at Target and still, only 15 to 25 hours a week only. Tons of people buying school supplies, even tvs and iPods. But for some reason, even though our store is making huge profits right now, employees hours are still low as shit. That's Target for you, they will fuck you over even when they start to make profit again.


    Ya Target loves playing games with people, some weeks I would see 25-35 hrs a week. No stable paycheck. Got tired of the games, I ended up applying at a ton of places and jumped on 1st full time job I could get.

    Id say find another job before you quit. Thats common sense.


    The board at my store is always loaded with people trying to ditch cashier hours and other shifts as well.

    Holidays @ Target SUCK!!! Black Friday is now called Black Monday because they had to be open the night of Thanksgiving.

    YUCK!!! Worked retail my whole adult life and when I heard that I told them Thanksgiving and Christmas are sacred in my family.


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