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August 4, 2014 - fucktarget9909

So glad to be out of Tarshit

I was working at target for the summer and I should’ve listen to what others said in this site. I came on here thinking target can’t be that bad and behold it was horrible. The training was really bad by the third day I was by myself…CLOSING. The LODs kept giving me bullshit for not being “fast” enough. Zoning was the fucking worst all by myself while every other department has at least 2-3 people closing. When I was hired for electronic I didn’t know I would be responsible for toys (kids are the worst) seasonal, sports and basically half the store. If I’m helping the customers…oops I mean guests I get bitched at for not zoning, if I am zoning I get bitched at for not helping the customers. If I don’t let someone know I’m getting the call box everybody act as if WWIII is about to happen. I noticed every LOD was in my section micromanaging me and watching what I was doing. Kept asking “how do you feel about tonight?”Even one time I was closing and almost through with my zonig this bitchass LOD came by and said why is this all over the floor? She then told every other LOD about me not zoning right even though I was working my way to that section. Another time I was helping a guest and they wanted to fill out the form because I gave excellent service. That was my second time getting this, the first one of the nicer LOD was glad the second time a bitch LOD just looked at me and completely ignored the customer’s request.¬†After another “talk” with my manager I decided fuck this shit and gave them my 2 weeks. Love the fact that they asked why am I leaving…target is the worse place I’ve worked and I’ll let others know how bad this shithole is. The thing is there’s 4 of us and ALL said the same how it wasn’t fair everyone has 2-3 people closing but our section one. I told the LOD that and she simply said not enough hours BULLSHIT! Oh and the damn walkie talkie…man that shit was annoying.¬† I was talking to a customer and someone kept yapping on the walkie. The customer took the walkie and pretend to throw it on the ground. He joked “do they ever shut up?” When I gave my two weeks the LOD said I did not have to fill anything out she’d simply tell HR. They tried to make me leave without evidence of a notice but I caught on and asked HR for to resignation paper instead. Feels good to quit and be done with target


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  • TargetGrunt says:

    I was in electronics for one day and told the TL afterwards that I would never do it again. For me it was having to sell not only red cards but attachment as well, which bugs me because I buy stuff online for a fraction of the price Target offers. But you can't tell "guests" that because it's against "best practice" or some bullshit. And yeah, zoning half of the store in an hour is bullshit, especially when it's busy.

    And good on you for remembering to have proof of your resignation. That's one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself, but it's pretty easy to forget.


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