Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

July 24, 2015 - ladyc1912

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I worked for target for 3 months I got fired. I work logistics at target but I was offered the sales floor team member position. So I injured myself from working on the line in the backroom from all the heavy lifting. So I had to call out three times due to the pain in my back injury. As you may know target has no answering machine so they expect to you should call until they answer the phone. On numerous occasions I have seen the etl ignore the phone and not even answer the door bell when it rings. I have waited an hour outside the door due this and got yelled at by lod confronted by hr manager due to me and 6 other coworkers not trying hard enough to alert lod we were outside waiting to be let in. So back to me being fired the hr manager calls me on the phone and tells I been terminated without one warning she doesn’t offer me a pink slip or nothing she doesn’t even calls me directly she calls my emergency contact instead of me directly. I mention I have doctors notes explaining my absences and she refuses to accept the note she also ask me to come in Saturday my next scheduled day but at the end of the phone call she tells me I don’t need to come in I’m fired So I call back 24 hrs later and general store manager tells me how he can’t put anything in writing about me being terminated. So whoever said target is a better company to work for than Walmart is bluffing Walmart has a answering machine that you can leave a message on to let your manager know if you are running late or won’t be coming to work that day.


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  • viciousdave says:

    I have something similar. I have anemia, it's a slow blood flow, it happens in me because I have a tumor in my brain that can't be removed because most of it is inside my brain. I tell them one day, I call in about twice a month because the extreme fatigue from anemia happens at random anytime anywhere. Even on the job I can barely move my muscles from the fatigue. So when I call in I say I can't come in, I have extreme fatigue, guy answers "so, can you come in later than?" I say did you not hear me? I said I'm having an extreme fatigue day, I told you guys I have anemia that cause extreme fatigue at any random time anywhere I am. So I go back to work the next day, fine, next day again, fine, next day on the job, my muscles are weak, I can't pick up bags, I'm starting to get tired can barely stay awake, I tell GSTL I can't stay I need to go, she says well that's not good enough, everyone needs to do there job. In my mind I can totally tell that she thinks that I am making this up to get out of work when I'm not, it's a serious medical condition I have. I tell here again, are your aware of anemia? She said yeah I have it myself. I said I doubt it, you don't get extreme fatigue like I do from a tumor in your brain that slows blood flow significantly a lot so I get extreme fatigue, do you have that? She says yeah. I said well not like me, I get it a lot, at random, you surely don't agree with this disorder or doctors reccomendations for this disorder of energy. She said no, you can't just say at any job oh I have to go home, no, you finish your work today. So I stayed on as cashier, did more work, waited till break, took the break, had a drink of cocconut water as it helps me sometimes, not this time, so after the break I just punched out and sneakly got out by going though cash registers with a lot of people and got out the grocery side because leaders are always on GM side. For fuck sake target start understanding disabilities and other harmful things that happen!!!!!!!!!

  • survived spot says:

    Not trying hard enough to notify the LOD that you need to be let in the store to start working???? A sledgehammer ought to do it. You got hurt working there sounds like a workers comp issue to me but I don't know for sure. That is just awful.


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