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January 13, 2016 - AG

sigh of relief

I’m actually kind of glad that target let me go when my 90 day seasonal contract ended since I was completely over the exaggerated REDcard weekly goals and having to fake a smile 60% of my day just to avoid confrontation with people in a shitty mood who are just WAITING to take it out on me. The pressure to sell redcards got so ridiculous during the holiday season that it made me feel like I had to manipulate the customers into getting one (while knowing the redcard interest rate could probably screw up their credit score). I don’t understand how people can be so nasty with cashiers because they decided to do last minute shopping and god forbid a long line!

Oh and btw target might as well take out the self check out lanes because they never work properly on their own and it gets so annoying. You would think that self check out would work on their own but no, every 3 minutes a customer would wave their arms in my face expecting me to drop everything I’m doing to help them, while I’m working at the register helping another. At my store they seriously had me pacing back and forth just to fix the four self check out lanes for hours because silly issues such as an  “unknown item in the bagging area” which turns out to be the customers kid sitting on the damn weight counter.

Don’t even get me started on cleaning the end caps and finding out that someone changed their mind not wanting the eggs or orange juice at the last minute before putting it on the belt. Or watching people shove the stuff they don’t want (clothes & toys mostly) with the candy bars.


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  • RedCardFairy says:

    Totally agree the Redcard goals are so ridiculous and over the top.

    The issue with the self checkouts is operator error. The majority of people are too stupid to use them, the machines work fine. The people are too stupid to read the screen or follow directions and let's not even talk about their rudeness and belief that the cashier working closest to the self checkout should stop what they are doing and help them because they are huffing and puffing. So beyond rude.

  • viciousdave says:

    At my store we have a dedicated person to always be at the self checkouts to help anyone so cashiers can actually stay helping the people in there line. For me the self check out is easy as pie. Binc item binc item, put in bag or just press not bag if you don't want it in a bag, than press credit or EBT/debit, slide, press enter, wait for reciept, done. EASY! Most people are stupid and don't understand how easy it is.


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