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May 26, 2016 - mrsirsir

Shut it down I got the laziest target etl at My store

So my backroom TL keeps me and other backroom team in a group chat of texts. And occasionally exchanges the funny stuff that happens. And he got me some of the best thing to happen. So Backroom etl is unloading the FDC truck and asks the grocery ETL to come to the back and give her a hand. This answer has to go down as the one of the most LMAO answers of all time.

“I’m not on the clock yet”

I’M NOT ON THE CLOCK I’M DONE SHUT IT DOWN I HAVE THE MOST LAZIEST PIECE OF SHIT ETL AT MY STORE XD 1. You’re salary the second you walk through the door you’re on the clock 2. If the store team lead was there your ass would’ve been out the door 3. I hope she gets fucking fired. Like she came in one day our hardlines and HR etls were helping softlines when our grocery team lead drops by says hi since she just got there and proceeds to say ” ok imma go grab a bite to eat” omg I swear she only gets away with this because our HR TL also assistant manager Is a huge softy. Our store team lead would’ve fired her ass. BTW our backroom ETL called her on one and she gave the clock response on one. The whole store laughed according to him. I’m done we have some of the best etls in my store but there’s always the lazy shit one


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  • viciousdave says:

    Apparently your target doesn't follow workers rights laws. You can not and will not work until you are clocked in. Doing work without getting paid is illegal in the United States. It's a workers right regular thing of work law.

  • viciousdave says:

    Whoever voted dislike doesn't know official laws. According to many state workers right laws, and even at target stores, it says when you are off the clock you are not allowed to do work and are not suppose to help guests. According to workers right laws in many states working while not clocked in and getting paid is illegal, but target thing on the wall at my store at least says that if you are caught working while not on the clock of your hours you will be fired. Basically target is saying fair compensation. You work, get paid. Not oh I work for no money. My target emphasizes that you should get paid every single minute you work. That's the only good thing about target. At least mine. I live in MN and that my state workers rights laws.

  • whyamIhere says:

    ETLs shifts are not like TM/TLs, they start work as soon as they come to work. If they are at work but not working they are being useless and wasting target corps money. Which I'm all for except its the TMs that get fucked over for overspending.


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