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October 15, 2015 - mnmsweet

Should I wait to get fired or put in my 2 weeks?

I got hired as a seasonal last November, they kept me as part time. I am a senior in highschool so I have a lot of stress on my plate with applications, college tours, volunteering etc. The way my schedule is looking, I will have to request every Friday Saturday off until Feburary. I gave my lod a copy of my schedule and he said “we’ll try but no guarantees”. In addition, my aunt who is getting more and more sick from Multiple Sclerosis, asked if we can have a family reunion the week of thanksgiving. I put in the request back in June to have that week off , it was denied.

Since she is so sick, I know that if I continue to work there, the days I can’t find someone to cover , I will have to call out those days which may realistically be 3 days. In addition to my many Fridays and Saturdays off due to academics, I am not sure if I should put in my 2 weeks, so that my last day be a few days before we head out of town in November, or just keep calling out the days I can’t get coveted for the holiday week and weekends?


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  • viciousdave says:

    Put in two weeks now. You have way way too many problems right now. College, aunt with illness virus, thanksgiving, after school activites, you need way too many days off.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    How do you plan to pay for College? Loans? I highly suggest avoiding loans, unless you want to live in debt the rest of your life. Don't let the media or your family convince you College is the only path, it's not. Why on earth would you be visiting so many colleges? Narrow it down to three like and intelligent person would do, then visit those and decide. What kind of high school student volunteers when they could be working an actual job making money? You know they both look good on any type of BS application to prove yourself to someone who is only looking out for their interest and not yours. You seem like a person who lacks decision making skills. Anyone going to college should be intelligent enough to make his/her own choices regarding when and how they leave a piss poor job such as Target. I treated Target the exact way they treated me and gave them zero notice.

  • tpcstudios says:

    Visit with HR and your STL first. If they can't figure it out, turn in your notice.

  • vogue25 says:

    I already quit today without an two week notice. I don't really care that there's a high chance i won't be hired in any target locations because i wouldn't ever want to work in one. Seriously, target treats employees like it's there indentured slaves... forget about that it should be slaves because indentured slaves actually get a house to live and land after their payment.

    I applied target as a part time but instead they gave me a full time position in sales floor. I'm currently failing all my classes because there are days I requested not to work i have skip class to work. I'm way behind. I'll just quit if you don't like it, because its hard to get time off.


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