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October 25, 2014 - redhead19

Should I go for my target interview?

So I have an interview at target today for a seasonal job. After reading everything on here I’m not sure if I should go. I only want 20 hours Cuz I have a 3 month old and it’s hard to find a baby sitter. Will they give me that or do they just schedule any hours? I don’t plan on staying after the holidays. I just need some extra money. Should I go for it? I nervous that they will gives hours I can’t work.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    "Run Like Hell" is not just a song. It's words that will save your life. Stay home and enjoy your time with your newborn. Your child shouldn't be subjected to second-hand tarshit.

    • trashtalk says:

      If you have open availability they will schedule you whatever hours work for "the business." When I left work Friday a coworker I spoke to was upset because her schedule was all over the place, in 2 different work centers and has been happening for weeks. Find another job that can tell you which shifts you will work because you will be paying to work if you have to get sitters on shirt notice and varying shifts. And the stress of working for Target will not be good for you as a new mom.

    • trashtalk says:

      Ps. Disregard this 'Cartman' person, he is just here to stir up shit (nothing better to do).

      • TargetSucks says:

        Yeah, that guy's an idiot. I've contemplated deleting him, but it's a tough choice. We all know he'll eventually flip and hate target, I just want to see if he's got the balls to admit it when that day comes.

        • Silverfox says:

          he's pissing most of the people on here off xD

          • TargetSucks says:

            Who did? 🙂 I miiiiiight have hit the magic button and deleted him. I don't mind funny trolls so much, but that guy was just stupid. If you're going to be a troll, at least be hilarious.

          • Silverfox says:

            yay for deleting him! He was getting rather more and more trolly. I bet the guy will make a new user profile and demand why he got deleted

  • Red_Riding_hood says:

    hey if youre only doing it for a temporary job and if you need the extra money, honey, do what you gotta do. Were just here to give you a heads up.
    Its only if you plan on staying a year longer or more that you will TRULY see what we are talking about. But in your case, it seems like a temporary situation. For the money, I would do it.

  • edge says:

    Just keep it temporary if you're really hurting for money. If they try to persuade you to stay longer, don't. I thought I could stay a couple of years until I got a better opportunity with school, but I could only tolerate a year and 3 months as a cashier. Maybe knowing it's very temporary will help you stick it out better.
    Best of luck 🙂

  • Silverfox says:

    do you have a costco nearby? Try applying there instead

  • TargetGrunt says:

    Amazon is hiring for the holiday season, too:

  • SometimesWinnersQuit says:

    If you have no other job options, take it, and look for something else EARLY on after starting at Target. The turnover rate is fast approaching worse than Walmart.


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