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February 14, 2015 - bravehonestbeautiful

Shitty HR

First of all I want to say I have read this site for quite some time now , I just never had gotten to making an account and I have to say this site has pulled me through and kept some of my sanity because I realize i’m not alone and i’m not in the wrong and I can relate to soo many of you guys. Some of the things you all have been through I can’t even fathom having to go through myself but it’s sad too say i’m not shocked because it just is how Target is and I don’t know if any other companies are as bad as this. I know wherever you go no matter what there will be sucky management , problematic coworkers and guests. That’s just life and retail for you so I went into it expecting that but Target isn’t that.  It’s hard for me to compare since this has been my only job , i’m currently trying to find something else right now but it is difficult considering I only graduated high school last year and can’t afford college right now (I mean I have been getting min wage now for two years so i’m STILL at the pay I started at – but that’s a whole other issue i’ll get into later) but I am determined to find something at this point  as long as it’s not with this company anymore

What can I say where do I even begin? I guess i’ll start off by saying I have been with Target basically for two years now , I started in March 2013 . I don’t have much to say about my first year there really because honestly it wasn’t that bad at first. I was hired into softlines and that’s where i’ve been ever since. At the time I had a amazing team lead , amazing co workers and didn’t really have many issues with the management.

So when did it start going wrong?  It was around November that year when we were in transition of getting a new HR because our current one was leaving for a different company. The new said HR however…had been training at our store about a month prior to getting news and..there was something off about  him  , something seemed really fake about their personality but I chose to ignore it because hey they weren’t going to be here long anyways right?  He was training partly here and then went to another store since he was training for HR there was different precautions.

But then the store got news of our old HR leaving and somewhere the decision was made that he should come back because the entire store seemed to like him and some other things and…there it is we get a new HR who hadn’t even finished training at the other store …





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