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October 13, 2017 - AnonHatesTarget25

Sexual Harassment at Store #2607

Sexual Harassment in the Backroom:

One of my best friends was in dire need of a job due to their family having money problems. They worked in the backroom, particularly in PFresh after being moved off hardlines. Our store backroom is mostly men, and a very sexist environment at that… Despite my friend being female-bodied, they are a hard worker with a very good work ethic. They mostly keep to themselves, but they are friendly and willing to cooperate with team members. One day, shortly before I left for good, my friend was bringing cardboard to the compactor. Three guys named Eric, Jake, and Isaac had been talking about my friend, but they chose to ignore it and do their job. However when they were trying to go to the compactor, Jake and Isaac stood in my friend’s way, blocking their path. My friend had to ask them to move, which they did barely. Then when my friend was walking past, Jake, who is a notorious jerk, said: “If I gave you some nips (alcohol) would you go into the freezer and cum on me?” My friend was in a state of shock and said nothing. Eric then added: “Is that a yes or a no?” All three of them laughed about it like it was a joke. Despite being very upset and scared, my friend went to HR and told the guy about what happened. They said it would be investigated, and according to Target’s supposed “zero tolerance” policy for sexual harassment, and under Massachusetts state law saying sexual harassment is deemed by the victim, all three of those guys should have been fired.

However, they were not fired. They managed to turn most of the male hardlines staff on my friend, even ones that my friend thought were nice guys. They did not fire any of the participants. My friend wanted corporate HR number, but our manager refused and berated them instead. Eric also through a tantrum near my friend, throwing stuff and being a huge baby. Still, it intimidated my friend, who felt as though they were being attacked from both sides. Needless to say, they are resigning because they don’t feel safe in the backroom, and they are going to file a formal complaint against the store. Luckily my friend’s sister has worked in HR for another company for many years. Anyway, keep that in mind if you shop at a Target in southeastern Massachusetts! They do not value or respect their employees, and for a store mostly marketing to women, they definitely do not give a $hit about their female workers!


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