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August 26, 2016 - padr1607

Seriously the worst company ever

I got hired about a month ago and figured since I liked shopping there why not get a job.  I put down open availability, bad choice obviously, because I figured this would help me get hired easier.  When I was doing the interview the person asked me how many hours I would want, minimum and maximum, and I told them that I would like 40 but I would deal with at least 30.  I was pretty happy that I would get at least 30 in this position and accepted the offer.

Right now I have realized that Target is probably the worst company to work for and will lie outright to you.  They don’t care anything about how many hours you were promised when you accepted the job, if I had known how many I would really get I wouldn’t be there right now.  Every week since then I have worked a maximum of 15 hours, sometimes less, and my first paycheck was less than $200, which isn’t even enough to live on considering rent and food and stuff.  I actually decided when I saw my third weeks schedule that I would look for another job.  The thing that really irks me is that, while I am not getting a lot of hours, the ones I am getting are the worst ones they can give, basically just bad shifts on the weekend.  The hours actually made me think that I am basically covering for people that have taken off, I talked to someone else and she has the same schedule every week and mine has changed almost constantly.  Every shift I have had I am also really only in the school supply section which makes me wonder if I actually got hired for long-term or if they are just treating me like a seasonal worker.

It also bothers me that I have heard managers, I think there’s some word for them like a ETL or something that no one has explained to me, saying things that are frankly kind of rude.  One of the people will constantly talk about how attractive customers, guests…, are to other workers and I heard another one say something pretty rude about someone that had quit.  I also learned from someone else, after I told a guest to talk to them because I didn’t know how to do something, that I should always be able to do anything and I told him that I wasn’t even trained to do that and had no clue.  So apparently I got half-assed training that basically just makes me look really bad.

The biggest problem with this job is that my SO knows the hours bother me and that Target is basically screwing me over, without lube I might add, but he said he doesn’t want me to quit until I find another job.  I actually sort of have a job lined up, waiting to hear back from somewhere I had worked a few years ago and is desperate, but it will probably be a few more weeks until I get verification on it.  Because I am not allowed to quit I have basically been taking my time on everything and pretty much ignoring everything over the talkie, if they fire me I would be kind of happy.  It’s not like I am ever going to use them on a resume, I would be surprised if anyone there even knew my name, plus they can only verify you worked there.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Sounds accurate! Targets training is terrible! Targets leadership is even worst, they're down right unethical. I would like to add the policy that they can only confirmed that you worked there is accurate, but that doesn't stop immature managers from talking bad about you. First they would need to know about the policy and as you already know Target leadership is dishonest and down right clueless. Next you would have to prove they slandered you, so how exactly are you going to prove it? When searching for a new job employers do not like to see lengthy time periods with out employment, how do you plan on explaining that? It's a lot easier to get a new job if you currently have a job, do you plan on telling employers that you're currently jobless and have not worked for some time? I highly advise you to mark down Target when searching for a new job as your current employer. I wouldn't talk bad about them either, employers do not like that either. I highly suggest that you say something simple like It just wasn't a good fit and I'm looking for something that better matches my skill set.

  • Silverfox says:

    Your so has it right. Stay at target till you find a new Job. They can slander you and prevent you from being hired at another store. Don't give them excuses to slander you. Or give reasons for your co-workers to say good riddance. As for your complaint.

    You are a newbie. Newbies get all the worst hours that no one wants unless you have someone who wants that. Even at Unionized chains, newbies get all the crap that the older cashiers didn't want. The crap hours being the wee hours during xmas month. You only didn't have to do them if the older cashiers volunteered for it.

  • takemethere says:

    Target is not getting any better and everything that guys wrote here is so true and reminiscent of district 311 or the stores in the Houston area. I believe that with the 7 billion loss in Canada, The CEO blabber mouthing in the open about their rest room policy is killing sales sales. It is really slow lots of times and stores are missing sales. The training is terrible. No payroll, no equipment to do your job, lazy lods and stls--just such a bad working environment overall.


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