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April 7, 2016 - S_Sugilite

Senior Team Lead Outrage

Okay, so here it goes. I have a Senior Team Lead that is absolutely awful to work with. All the other ETLs, SrTL, and TLs are fantastic to work with, but this one in particular is an absolute bitch to work with. Let’s just call this SrTL M. Her behavior on the sales floor is unprofessional and quite infuriating. When she approaches you she talks to you or leads you to do a task in a demeaning way. When you stop and get a moment to yourself in the back or whenever guests are not present she finds you and asks what you are doing as if you’re just being unproductive for like ten minutes. When M gave me a task and I tried working as fast as possible, but I have been swamped with guests stupid questions. She walkies me and asks why I haven’t finished it I have given her my reason. It’s not good enough for her. She talks to you as if you’re being interrogated. For instance when I was doing a shift in softlines during the holiday season. I was about to head to my break. I walkied the sales floor that I’m going on my fifteen minute break. M immediately goes on walkie and says,”Hold on Ms. Lisa just went on her break you’re going to have to wait until she gets back.” I replied, “Oh, okay I guess.” So, I walked to the fitting room and looked at the schedule and saw exactly how many Softlines Team Members there are and we had seven on the floor. We have SEVEN Team Members. As soon as Ms. Lisa came back I went on my break. When I arrived in clerical I could hear her laughter in the break room. As soon as I walked I saw that she was sitting with the STL and an ETL. I looked at her and she looked at me and I asked her,”Help me understand what reasoning did you have me wait to go on my break when there are seven team members covering the sales floor?” She smirked and replied,”Because we want to have full coverage on the floor as much as possible. Oh and don’t for a second think that I didn’t catch that attitude over the walkie. Remember God don’t like ugly.” What kind of spiteful and immature reply is that? This fat little imp had the audacity to tell me that? I am at my wits end with this woman. I don’t see how she doesn’t get a talking to by her Superiors when she treats me and the rest of the sales floor in such a distasteful manner. Shes rude, condescending, and above all so awful to work with. She so bad that she even snapped at the HR ETL. This isn’t normal nor this is acceptable. I need advice on how I can bring this to attention and bring this woman to her misconduct and her misdeeds. I have talked to my HR ETL and she said she would talk to her, but I don’t trust that she would. Matter of fact I think she is rather tired of me and possibly the rest of us (TM) that we complain about her.  I asked a fellow team lead why they keep her. He told me that she is effective. That’s not a good enough reason to keep her. Matter of fact that’s what makes team members want to look for something else. Again, if anyone had any suggestions for brining this to attention please tell me. I’m open to it.

  1. I have already called the Integrity Hotline
  2. Went to my HR ETL
  3. Went to my Hardlines ETL

Went to my Store TL.

I am all out of ideas.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Here's an idea: quit.

  • viciousdave says:

    If that happened to me and with my high anxiety I have, I would of raged on her of saying. You are an asshole, fuck you bitch, you are not the government, you are not a police officer, grow up, get some respect into your god damn head and start acting like a real adult and not like a god damn child who keeps going are you done yet are you done yet, grow the fuck up old bitch! I would of enjoyed doing it to her too. I can't stand that crap and I have told many leaders they are acting like bullies to me and they go oh no you need to sign a pink form for bad action. Uh no, they should sign a form as they are being a bully to you and I.

  • Silverfox says:

    Just quit. Eventually they'll lose too many team members to be able to afford to keep her on. Happened at my store. She even attempted to override her higher up's decision and insisted hers was the ruling we should follow. No one quite liked her lol.

    One of my supervisors was like she's on vacation and nearly everyone is happy about it when I mentioned I hadn't seen her around lately. I haven't seen her around anymore.

  • disgusted says:

    So hilarious. ....tarsh@&t continue with the silly games I see


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