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February 22, 2018 - Musegirl567

Self checkout= fuck you

So I’ve been at target for about over a year now, and I think it is time to leave.

So, they ALWAYS have me at self checkout. I literally just stand there and do nothing for 8 hours a fucking day. I’ve asked to be moved, but they just wont. Apparently because I’m uncomfortable about asking people at self checkout for red cards. It just doesn’t feel right. When it’s not busy, i get a couple hand baskets and return them to the front. They scold at me because apparently they want me to be “100% guest orientated” how am I supposed to be guest orientated when theres literally no one there? I’m just trying to keep myself busy because standing in one place drives me nuts.

You would think because I’ve been there for so long they would cross train me? NOPE. I’m rarely even a cashier anymore which is what it says in my job description. I’m even a trainer and I barely train anymore. When there are people that need to get trained, it’s always someone else doing it.  I’m so sick of the bullshit, they treat everyone like servants. Everyone’s so fake I honestly dont know why people can’t see it. Luckily I got a new job so I’ll be out of there soon.


I would go into more detail on what happened before, so much drama I feel like I’m back in high school. Im new to this sight so I thought I would just make a quick rant. Thanks for reading.


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  • bigrog44 says:

    I got this for one of my pages on my computer. They changed lots of rules for the worse. I have to greet the guest even though my register area is dirty. I hate working at a dirty register. The team leads just don't care. They just care about redcards. I went another store and when they have no customers they clean their registers. Each register has a cleaner and paper towels to clean with. Target I worked at, you have to hunt down cleaner and paper towels. Then if the manager sees me not doing anything they get on my back. It's sad that I try to keep my register clean. Then they say oh you don't need to clean your register. I'm like yes I do. I hate working in a dirty environment.

    • EllieKatieCat says:

      I don't get that. I was a cashier at a grocery store, and whenever you had a gap between guests, you made sure your register was clean. You spray and wipe down the belts,make sure nothing is hidden in the candy/magazine racks that don't belong there, double check for supplies (change, 'paid' stickers, pens, promotional gift cards, bags).

      I had some guests get really annoyed that they had to wait for me to log into the register (first time on register in months after only having 2-3 days of training).

      Yet, I've never had anyone get mad at me when this happens:

      "Oh, I'm sorry about that," (Wipes wet spot on belt so guest can put items on) "There wasn't anyone in line, so I decided to clean the belt."

      In fact, most people seem to APPRECIATE that. They'd rather wait a moment if it means they don't have to put their belongings on a dirty belt.

  • ghost22 says:

    I had the same experience as you and was always stuck on closing self-checkout when I was not doing carts. I was told that I would be back on the lanes multiple times, but it didn't happen. My hours were changed so that the majority of my time was doing carts. My store was a busy one and I could not keep up all the time. I did ask for help and only got it twice due to both times being in extreme weather ie heavy rain and a blizzard. The company was a mixed experience for me. At first, I thought things would go well, but l was soon passed over by high schoolers with no experience for the GSA role even though I had 3 years of experience in retail. Guess I was too good at doing carts and not good enough to be a GSA. Got tired of being treated like a robot and now am getting paid for my experience instead of being low balled.


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