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December 29, 2014 - jordanleann

Seasonal work, then promoted to full time, then let go 2 weeks later? WTF?!

My husband was hired on with Target for seasonal work October 21, 2014. He was on ┬áthe flow team. Then they had him working flow in the mornings and then electronics. He was promoted to a full time employee. His full time started January 1st, 2014. He was 2 hours & 15 minutes late to work on the 21st of December, but he showed up and worked two hours over his scheduled time like his LOD told him to do. He got let go today becaue of it. That was his only “no call no show” according to their policies. What can he do?!


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Count his blessings and look for a better job. Most states are at-will and can fire for any reason. In his case they had a reason anyway. But it's all good, Target is a horrible place to work.

  • TargetMinion says:

    Even if he was offered a full time position in Jaunary, he was still under his probationary 90 day period. Therefore if they changed their mind about keeping him, being late to work was their scape-goat to firing him. I saw this happen all the time when I was in HR. Especially with Logistics TMs. They would wait until the last possible day to fire them under their 90 so they weren't down a TM to unload trucks. I do find it weird they did that if they were planning to keep him past Seasonal. Who knows though, those LODs change their mind at the drop of a hat.


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