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December 19, 2019 - TargetSucks21x

Seasonal Shit

So, i’m 20 and a college student and i got hired in the month of November to work as a guest advocate, i’m finishing up my last weeks as the season is about to end and i am being let go, In one month of working there my anxiety has gotten so bad i am officially starting medication. i have had anxiety since i was a fairly young teen but it has never been bad enough to require medication ( as now i almost pass out and have extreme heart palpations ) when i began working there i was hardly trained, i was just shoved at the cash register and told to just ‘loose my fear’ most of what i learned and it isnt much, was by messing up and figuring it out on my own. i hardly ever get help from anyone as when i ask for it any supervisor or person above me looks almost annoyed to help me. everytime i go in i’m never given any walkie or anything to use to call for help when i need it. i used to really like target as a store but even working one month is one of the worst things ,, and being as this is my first job it makes me not to be in a rush to find another… my anxiety is so bad i want to call out of work for my next shift but since its a sundays shift i doubt they’ll see my personal health a valid reason to not go into work . i really regret taking the job and my mental break down after my very first shift should have been the red flag to not stay but i did and now i cant wait to leave.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Sue them! They should pay for the harm they caused you.

  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Like I always say Tarshit cares for no one mentally, physically or emotionally. Don’t let Tashit scare you about getting another job not every place is like Tarshit.

  • viciousdave says:

    Your anxiety sounds like how I was when I was young. I was always afraid to talk to girls through middle school and high school. My first job at 15 was mcdonalds and was like ummm ok, uh, I was just scared. Eventually in life, the anxiety and maybe depression just goes away. Set a goal, get to it, acheive it, than it slowly goes away.


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