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April 21, 2018 - screwedbyTarget

Screwed over by Target

I’ve been with Target for almost 10 years and in all my life I’ve never felt like I’ve been kicked in the balls, I live in Cali and they have this crap about the minimum wage going up every year until it hits $15.00. now next month it goes up to $12.00,  I make $11.50 an hr and i just got my review by the way i work backroom, they gave me a .31 cent raise then turn around and gave me .19 cent to make $12.00 what the fuck. All this take place next month, now i feel they should of moved to $12.00 first then gave me my raise, I deserve at least that after being there for so long,  And to top it all off i have nothing but new lods and h.r. who don’t know fuck about anything. They avoid talking to you when you have an issue.  Oh and they are bringing new hires at $12.00 or higher then me,even these snot nose kids which this is their first job are making the same as me.  Im getting screwed with no Vaseline .


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  • bigrog44 says:

    Yeah I know how you feel I've been there for I was there for almost 15 years and they only pay me $11 an hour. They're going to be paying these young teenagers and you snot-nosed kids the same amount of money they pay me after I've been there for 15 years. These not nose kids are living with their parents and don't hardly have to pay any bills. So I understand what you're going through I felt that I was being screwed by Target also.


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