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June 2, 2015 - fedupcashier

Screw the pants

So I work at a Target out in California, and as state law out here implies, companies cannot FORCE you to provide your own uniform for a particular job.

That being said, to go along with that law, Target stores out here permit you to wear (and I’m going to quote the rule book itself here) “any solid color pants, excluding jeans.” Today while I was at work I was approached by one of my GSTLs and was told that I would no longer be allowed to wear the black pants that I had worn to work for months prior to that, per the employee rulebook itself. I was told that, going forward from here, we would only be allowed to wear khakis.

Naturally, I find this to be complete and total bullshit, and I intend to fight this even if it means going to corporate, or possibly a lawyer and filing a suit against the STL, who is attempting to enact this policy upon us all, despite clearly going against the rulebook, and the contract that I signed upon my hiring.

What do you guys think? Has anyone else ever experienced an STL enacting stupid policies like this before?

I for one intend to continue wearing my black work pants until such a time that I see it outlined in the rules that I am only to wear khakis. If they wanna send me home for following the rules that I signed on for, then so be it.


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  • TargetMinion says:

    This happened at my Target as well. Some TMs started wearing black pants and I was asked my my ETL HR to give her a TM Handbook to look this up (I was an HR TM). She looked it up and then told the TM it was each individual store/STL discretion to decide this policy. In the end they only allowed TMs working in food areas (Target Cafe & Deli) to wear black pants because they handled deep fryers and grease is less noticeable on black pants. A fitting room TM wore solid color black pants and they pulled her into the office. She came out 10 minutes later in tears and never showed up again. Good for her! Screw Target and their rules that they decide to enforce and choose when to do so.

    • fedupcashier says:

      But then, where in OUR handbook does it say that each individual STL can interpret the rule themselves when it clearly states in our rulebook that team members "cannot be coached, formally disciplined, or otherwise made to feel uncomfortable for choosing to wear a target provided vest or solid color pants that are not khaki," which mind you is quoted directly from one of the papers I was given on my orientation day?
      This whole thing is bullshit, and if I have to go all the way up the ladder to get to the bottom of this bullshit, I will. There's no way I'M going out of MY way to pay for something that I shouldn't be required to pay for. ESPECIALLY since living in California is already ridiculously expensive enough as it is.

  • viciousdave says:

    That's sure nice in California that you don't have to wear the tan brown khakis and red shirt. In every other state where Target is, we buy the khakis brown tan and red shirts. I once came in a red and black checkered shirt. They said no, it's not red enough, that doesn't work. Hmm. It's still mostly red idiot. Target is the most unloyal, rude, disrespectful, awful, reckless place to ever work at. Every single store is bullcrap full of leaders who think they can own you and tell you what to wear and do and say and it's all bullshit. "Oh well this is a job, you do what I tell you, you can't follow the first ammendement here" WTF? No no no. I will follow the first ammendment and I will say whatever I want because the first amendment is freedom of speech for anyone or any business. So I can talk back to you any way I want, it's called freedom for all!

    • fedupcashier says:

      The thing is though that we still have to wear a clear red top. That much hasn't changed. But in California we're allowed to wear a red vest and ANY solid color work pants as long as it's not jeans or tights. What pisses me off is that this ruling goes completely against the rule I agreed to when I was hired. It's complete bullshit.

  • fucktarget says:

    Damn right!!! Rail against the pant color rule. FUCK THEM! Wear no pants and see where that gets you.

  • texastargetsucks says:

    support man. Do it. They get away with so much just because employees don't know their rights. Bs . Go for it


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