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June 8, 2018 - Shoe Bitch

Saying yes to Target was a mistake.

November 2016; it’s Thanksgiving Day and I am telling my family bye because I am off to my first day at Target. I have a grand total of 3 hours of training under my belt and it’s the busiest day of the year. Needless to say I nearly shat myself. Alas, I have made it to the other side of the Holiday season. Not long after, I get pulled to clerical so they can ask me if I would like to be a “Brand Team Member” for their shoe department. “The shoe department?”, I ask. “You mean that shadowy place over there that not even the guests will walk into for fear of being lost in the piles? Sure! I’d love to!” Little did I know that by saying yes I was actually telling them they could use me like a cheap whore/work horse. Since I said yes, I am now responsible for pulling my product off the truck, sorting it out of the repacks (keep in mind an average truck for my store includes 2 pallets of shoe repacks each 8 feet high), pushing the product onto the floor, zoning the floor, doing my go-backs, driving sales, setting POG’s, building displays, hanging all of my signing, doing all of my own pricing and ticketing. I am supposed to get all of this done while only working 4 days a week with 6 hours shifts. Whole department resets with 96 set hours are expected to be done in a week where I am only scheduled 25 hours. Before I go too far with this rant, the fact that I am over worked is only one of the reasons I have decided to put my 2 weeks notice in yesterday. Best feeling in the world. Can not wait to tell almost everyone at that store to fuck off when I leave.


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  • bigrog44 says:

    I put in my 2 weeks when I came back from disability. They gave me corrective action my first day back due to what happened before I left. Then one day I decided to say fuck Target and handed in my badge because I got sick of their bull shit.


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