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September 23, 2014 - TigerLady

Safety Issues

I work Flow Team. Our manager recently worked one morning unloading a truck. Work, I mean, stood off to the side and yelled at us for being too slow. Today, the another manager threw at least 30 boxes onto the floor.  Is this normal? Does not seem very safe. It seems like they are more worried about their “hours” than employee safety.


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  • Employee4393 says:

    Nah our Overnight team does the same thing. Not so much when unloading the truck but when putting stuff next to the aisles to put on the shelf, boxes just get tossed down.

    's explains a lot of what you see on the shelf.

  • Theretailreject says:

    Yeah, it's all about speed, and if you get hurt get a workman's comp lawyer quick, because I had to go through a 2 year legal battle where Target said I got hurt at work and magically got healed. That's right Target believes in magic.

  • SusieH says:

    omg this happens all the time. They dont put me on the unload anymore because i always get hurt and i always fucking tell them about it. Now im getting workers comp for my injury, and i told the person who called me about hw the store doesnt give two flying fucks for team members getting hurt. So, she is going to investigate. I dont care about me, but i care about the poor souls who are still stuck in that hell hole.


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