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July 8, 2014 - xoxoanthrax

Ruined by Retail

I’d just like to know, where do I get my refund for the 4 years I spent there? During my time there, I lost a lot of myself. I gave up time with my family and long distance boyfriend bending over backwards for this company. Then to basically get shit on when I wanted a weekend to go see him. I always told them yes, and frankly, working here has made me hate 99% of the human population. Even as a TL I wasn’t paid nearly enough to live off of, let alone deal with all the bullshit from the customers. I would come home either fuming or near tears because I hated every second there and having to say yes to whatever request the guest has. Because who doesn’t love being screamed at for things out of their control? I finally found a wonderful new job where the starting pay is insane and they care about their employees. So high off the fact that I got to leave this hell hole, I bounced right into HR to give them my 2 weeks. The second my STL pulled me aside it all went downhill. She instantly ripped into me, telling me I was being unprofessional for getting a new job, that I was stepping on Target’s name and that all their hard work with me had gone go waste. She also told me she knew I was gonna cry over this, when I’m pretty sure I’ve never cried in front of her before so thanks for being rude. The best part was when she told me I’d never be able to work at Target again. Guess what, YOU COULDN’T PAY ME TO DO THAT SHITTY JOB EVER AGAIN. She was the worst manager I’ve ever met. She made people upset and cry when they asked questions about how to do their job. If things weren’t done exactly her way, guess what, you’re doing it again. I was lucky if she’d let me spend a half hour getting things done in softlines, because nobody gives a shit about anything but the grocery workload. No, I dont have two adjacencies and 12 pogs due, you explain that to our visitors when they show up. She was always so rude and condescending, even with the guests because she’s obviously always right. She walked around like she knew everything, I’d like to compare my softlines knowledge with her and see what she really knows. People, TLs included, would frequently spend our breaks bitching about what a mean, terrible person she is. It didn’t take long for our sales and service scores to drop when she took over. After that day, I didn’t go back go finish my two weeks and I don’t care. If I ever come across her again, I’ll give her a piece of my mind like I already did with the DTL and the group president. Thank you Target, for turning me into the blonde haired devil and turning my soul into a fiery pit of hatred.






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  • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

    I can easily relate. I'm the same way, spent almost 8 years there. 8 years ago, I was a totally different person going in there, now exiting, you couldn't tell I was the same person. That place is evil, I refuse to even shop at Target anymore. I've always done my grocery shopping at Kroger but everything else is split between Best Buy, Meijer, and Walmart. Yes that is how bad Target is, they drove me to Walmart. Oh I'd like to hear your opinion about Red Cards, a lot of people bitch on here about them, but I don't know if you ever cashiered or not so maybe you didn't have the same experience. One day I will write to the CEO of Target and tell who ever it is to shove all the red cards up their asses!

    • TargetGrunt says:

      Until they get around to hiring a new one, John Mulligan is the interim CEO.

    • xoxoanthrax says:

      Before I was TL, I worked in Starbucks and as the operator, so I didn't deal with red cards too much. By the time I got to TL, I was in that position for only 6 months and decided by that point that the only time I'm gonna mention them is if there's an ETL around. I figured if people wanted one, they'll ask. I had a really shitty conversion score but no one ever said anything to me so I didnt really care.

      • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

        At my store, the last 5 months I was there, when ever a TM clocked in to go to work and coming back from lunch, they had to go see an LOD for a "pep talk". Basically all the pep talk was reminding them "If you get red cards, you can keep your job." Being told that twice a day, how is that good for worker morale? Being threatened with termination because they aren't getting stupid ass red cards. That's about as bad as Books A Million with their rewards cards. I've heard horror stories about managers at Books A Million being harsh on their employees for not meeting rewards card quota.

        • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

          Plus if you went a day without getting a Red Card, at the end of your shift, you had to report to an LOD and they would automatically write you up, then come in for "Red Card Coaching" and it's the stupidest thing ever. The LOD acts like a "guest" and you have to try and sell them a red card. You have to keep trying to sell them an imaginary red card until they say you are good to go. If another day goes by and you don't get one, you have to repeat all of this plus get written up again. Then I think it's a month of not meeting quota is when they fire you.

    • famouswriter17 says:

      An old TL that use to work at Target - she was the best we ever had!! I miss her so much!! - use to tell me "don't let this place ruin you" the last two weeks of her stay with Target. And you know what? 2 1/2 years later... I feel like a terrible, mean person. Thanks Tarshit....

  • Silverfox says:

    What makes it even funnier is that Target does not own the portfolio for the target visa anymore. They sold it to TD. So a Canadian company is making interchange rate when someone uses the td target visa card somewhere else, and interest on target customers who only pay the min balance. AND RBC is making money off of the canadian rbc target mastercard.

    • Silverfox says:

      Why target pushes the td target visa so hard is beyond me. Only thing they're getting out of it is probably no interchange when someone uses it at target. If they are going to make employees push it so hard at least give an incentive like walmart and bay/zellers did. Zellers employees got paid $2.50 in hbc points on the store loyalty rewards system for every sign up.

  • StoleMySoul says:

    I hear ya, I've spent a looong time at Tarshit too, and luckily should be on my way out soon too. It has completely drained me as a person and I fully regret letting this place get so deeply under my skin. These ETLs think the fucking world revolves around Target and they need to realize, it doesn't!


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