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June 9, 2014 - DestroyTarget

Roswell Target

Hi, I’m a cashier at Target! D’:

Ok, so we got new card swipes a few weeks a go, and already none of them worked for half the day. We also have to do something new called Power Hour. It may take place at around 1 PM or 5 PM, when all cashiers and anyone else who can cashier jumps on a check lane so that when the store gets crowded, there wouldn’t be any long lines. It’s very helpful when employees with PDAs cashier because the customers don’t have to wait for fifteen minutes just for us to find out the price of an item our cash register doesn’t recognize. Just a few buttons pushed, and a beep from the PDAs scanner, and we have the price. Now why can’t cashiers have these? I have to walk all the way to Guest Services, or try catching the busy GSA (or whoever) and it almost always takes too long just to find the price. I could ask the customer to go look at the price tag, but I know they wouldn’t want to go all the way to the back of the store while holding up the line. Even if I did suspended their transaction, they would have to wait awhile to pay for their things because many people buy up to two carts of groceries. Either way, it’s a pain for both me and my customer.

I am also sick of people who bring their own bags because sometimes the bags are dirty or smell like wet dogs. And why do they want me to put their food in those dirty things, even if they ARE packaged or wrapped? That’s disgusting. What’s also disgusting is when they know their child had been chewing on a toy and they hand it to me, and I touch it because I did not know it was chewed on. ¬†Would it hurt to tell me their child chewed on the toy and just show the barcode to me?

Not so long ago, I had to help stock candy on the endcaps near my cash register. Never do I have all the types of candy I need to fill up. That I can deal with. After placing as much candy on the register shelves as much as I could, there was nothing else for me to do so I stood at the end of my lane so customers would know I am available for checkout. The GSA says I am supposed to be placing the candy on the endcaps. I say I am done, but she says that I am not. She just placed three packfulls of candy on the shelves. I then said, that we didn’t have the candy I needed, Even when someone agreed with me, she said there was nothing she could do about that and that I should keep putting the candy up. I checked if I had missed anything to make sure, but I did fill up the shelves as much as I could. I don’t even know why she’s GSA (or whatever you call ’em. Why can’t they have regular names??) All she did was sell a bunch of redcards when she was a cashier. Before she was nice and outgoing. Now she’s rude.

I don’t even get a break at home. Everyone is shocked just because I live nearby. Of course live nearby. The area is full of schools and in the neighboring town are a bunch of colleges and universities. Come on, people, how is this shocking? It’d take me five minutes to drive to work and 20 minutes to drive to school from where I am. Now I hang out in neighboring towns, so I don’t have to deal with that. If I didn’t have little to no work experience, I would work someplace else, but no one will hire me, so I’ll have to deal with this for a little while.

My only luck is that I sold two redcards after two months of selling none, so I’ve been left alone for a bit, and earlier this year, the two LODs that annoyed me the most were transferred. I really want my breaks to be longer. They are starting to feel less like breaks the more these stressful things happen. It’s like I only have one minute to relax, now.

Here’s today’s question: Do you know how many cuss words are running through my mind as I type this? There isn’t even a space between them so I guess they’d actually be one word.


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  • Silverfox says:

    I thought target cashier hated the plastic bags. They bring their own bags because you can save 5 cents. Most likey they buy meat and the packaged meat leaks and they don't wash it so it stinks. Just bag the packaged meats and dump them into the bags people bring if you feel meat juice is leaking from it or play it safe and bag the red meat.

  • Silverfox says:

    Mind you if I were shopping at target, I'd request for the meat to be put in a plastic bag and then dunked into the cooler bag.


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