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September 1, 2015 - Redday

Repetitive Stress Injury in Softlines

Has anyone ever experienced a RSI from hanging clothing (pinching motion)  and placing hangers on Z racks? My right shoulder started bothering me about a year after doing the same thing, day after day. Also, I feel as if my right bicep is messed up. I’m in reasonable shape, workout regularly, but I’m also 58 years old. Anyone else have this problem?


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  • viciousdave says:

    Here's an article directly relating to your shoulder and bicep problems and indeed says it's from doing your job over and over again and gives ways to heel yourself up.

    I myself near 30 am getting wrist riggle from being a cashier. Carrying things over and over bag after bag causes the twitching of the wrist without control over it. The only way to get it away is to use a wrist hand holder thing, those glove like put on things, and they've helped a lot.

  • Viberator says:

    Try using some sort of wrap that will apply compression to your sore areas, it may help wih the pain. Also talk to the flow TL and ask to move to another area of flow. If they balk, see a doctor and get something documented about your pain. They'll be forced to move you to a different position.


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