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September 19, 2015 - Nergal

Redcards are all the rage!

Redcards! It’s all you hear at Target now. I work as CA and I always have a walkie on me for (carryouts, carry-ins, restroom checkups, etc) and I’ve noticed a trend amongst GSTLS and LOD’s and other corporate puppets who have lost their ways. I remember talking to a recently new hiree and he asked me (as CA I am forced to learn cashier) when you’re cashier do GSTLS force you to push redcards? I replied, no and they shouldn’t expect me to. He then proceeds to tell me that they ask him to meet a certain quota of redcards per weeks and sometimes when they’re desperate for redcards they’ll have incentives, in this case a bag of goodies, what exactly? I do not know. But can you believe this shit?


Like I mentioned earlier, I always have a walkie on me and everyone on walkie is alerted when someone gets a redcard(s). This angers me because this is the only way you will ever be noticed or appreciated by anyone is this shit hole we call Target. Only once was I ever genuinely thanked but not because of a redcard but because some old lady left her entire purse on a cart outside and proceeded to leave without it. I have never been thanked for getting carts on 102 °F weather, I am never thanked for cleaning feces off the ground. I am never thanked for cleaning up vomit or any other spills.


Lucky for the lady that I noticed her purse and took it to guest service otherwise I can assure you that a homeless or crack head would have taken it and she could’ve kissed her purse goodbye.


So to sum it up, you can bust your ass all day, liters of sweat, but if you aren’t earning GSTLS and other upper management corporate bonuses, don’t expect to be recognized at all or at best a fake thank you, something upper management if very familiar with.


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  • viciousdave says:

    You have it down to my exact brain! They never ever appreciate long days of work by floor people, cahsiers, backroom, clothing area, or cart attendants. Only TLs of all kinds and guest service desk are the only ones who get a wah hoo you did great there last night, or a did a great job today. WHAT? WTF? Hello, we did the real work, we actually did something for hours and hours a day while GSTL did complete crap just standing around all day and not even helping other cashiers with help needed for a guest who's questioning a price, and if your cart attendant and ask for the trash, OMFG! Ok sure you say on radio to GSTL. But wait, the large black bin for the trash is full in the back, call LOD to open trash compactor door. Wait 15 whole minutes for the freaking LOD to get his lazy no good human mind back there, and while you're waiting for LOD, radio again, this time oh no we're out of carts on grocery side we need some in. Ok yeah but I'm waiting for LOD to do trash first like you asked, it all depends on LOD right now. They yell at you once you come back with the black big trash bin finally after trash thrown out. Why didn't you do what I told you!!!! One time I just said the whole truth. I am one person, ONE! How can you expect one person to wait 15 minutes for the trash to be emptied because of a locked door and still have carts with over 200 guests in here?!?!?! I am not super human!!!!!! Do you understand that or are you too stupid to understand that? Stupid GSTL is than walks away, day after oh no gotta talk to manager of store, have to sign pink slip for saying the truth about back talk and if you do it again in 90 days you are fired and if you do not sign at all you are fired instantly. WTF IS THIS COMPANY THAT DOESN"T UNDERSTAND COMMON SENSE THAT WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!!!!!


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