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August 13, 2016 - BBisWatchingAll

RedCard rant

Does anyone out there ever feel like shouting out RECO like in the movie Boiler Room?? There just HAS to be a better method for selling these things without badgering employees and making it difficult. At the store I work, if a customer (yes CUSTOMER, a GUEST is somebody I willingly want to interact with) wants the debit option but doesn’t have a check, we sign them up on a tablet (only one in the store apparently) and the store gets credit. Doesn’t show up in YOUR numbers though, so every Monday during your “review” you have to constantly remind the TL of how many you signed up in the prior week on the tablet. And BTW, this method is a pure timesuck and unproductive. You have to turn off your light, make the customer wait, turn away the guests already in line or ask THEM to wait, and finally wait for a TL to show up with the tablet. BULLSH*T, pure and simple. I just don’t understand how they think this is enhancing the shopping experience.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Exactly, it's not good for business. Especially when you've got 5 people in every single lane super busy, wait for tablet. It's like come on target it's retail and there millions of customers, it's more about getting them out fast and nice.


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