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March 26, 2015 - doctorwhatnow

Red Cards Red Cards Red Cards did we mention red cards

First time posting but I really just need to rant about this. Since last summer the company has had a hard on for red cards. When I first started getting a red card a week when you aren’t a cashier was considered good. Not anymore. I was up at the register last week and the GSTL shuts off my light and says “I don’t hear you asking about red cards.”  Its brought up at every goddamn huddle (and boy I could rant about those huddles which are now hour long zone parties).  They even had us do mock transactions. At one of those I was told to be a cheerleader. I had to be bouncy and excited and push the greatness that is red cards. It took all I had to not go “do you want me to start sucking dick to get people to sign up for this?” I’m sure my lack of red cards will affect my pay raise and I say fuck it. If someone doesn’t want a red card, I’m not going to give them a goddamn speech about it. They just want to buy their overpriced crap and go home.


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  • rainprincess64 says:

    I remember those shitty days. Almost every week since the new STL came in and took over, cashiers were being written up left and right because of no red cards. Oh boy did cashier morale go down the toilet, getting "counseled" every week about lack of red cards and getting bogus write-ups for something not part of the job description and certainly NOT mentioned anywhere in the Employee Handbook. SO many people complained to the Integrity Line once they were written up or even put on probation for not getting enough red card sign-ups, myself included when I worked there.

  • Silverfox says:

    instead of saving 5% they should give a sign up bonus for the cashiers to give out. @_@ i'm betting pushing the hbc mc with an extra 10% discount instantly plus a day where you could choose to use your 10% discount and save across all banners was probably a lot easier than pushing a red card. ._. even if it had extended warranty and the other one didn't. People like discounts. ANd like saving on expensive lux leather goods.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    The whole RedCard thing is so bogus. I suspect the "managers" get a bonus based on the # of
    Redcard sold. That's ALL they care about. When someone says " how was your day" they really mean how many redcards did you sell. It makes the crappy job of being a cashier completely unbearable. We are being evaluated on something we really have little control over. If the shopper has been to target before they KNOW about the flipping redcard. Half of people won't even let you finish. My store has an actual checklist the GSTL must complete for each cashier confirming that we were observered saying/doing everything we are suppose to. I was hired to be a cashier not a salesperson. Sales people generally make a commission, all we get is the priviledge so sell more the next day to meet their goal, a goal we have no input in setting or achieving we just get yelled at and pressured to achieve.


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