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September 3, 2017 - sadlifeTM

Red cards are a joke

Literally that is all target cares about. Cashiers kept getting a lot of coaching for not getting enough and at my store they were also threatened with their job if they don’t start getting more. I never liked asking for the guests to apply for one. I did so in the beginning and I was pretty good at it but I started giving up once I realized that they were not going to help me grow at target. I literally did softlines, cashier, operator, and Starbucks there and only received a 15ยข raise. Yay 10.65 an hour, it had gotten so bad with all the stress and anxiety at target that I noticed some cashiers started applying themselves for one but it would be fake. Made up socials and phone numbers, fake accounts just so they won’t get termd. I am glad I got out of there. Tbh they did me a favor by terminating me. I got termd for another reason I’ll post about it some other time.


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