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March 28, 2016 - SoAnxiousToday


Hello fellow Red & Khakians,

Team member from T2104 here asking you if you also are doing a March Madness / Final 4 style red card tournament at your store…


let me just say that our store is an extremely LOW VOLUME store, surrounded by much larger stores in our district; in fact, we may be the smallest store in our district and yet we are constantly pushed to get red cards – even if our CUSTOMERS LOL are frequently the SAME people each day and week – that a) already have a red card or both kinds of red card or b) come in all the time and really just don’t want one or c) one of the many immigrants who can’t apply for one!

so despite our “poor” performance and apparently not meeting our red card goal since last year’s holiday season, we still have this ridiculous and UNREALISTIC pressure to get the cards…


So here comes the “March Madness” Red Cards competition! Oh fucking joy – as if we needed more pressure and “goals” and constant asking “Did you get one?”


heres the rules of this shitty game –

All the LODs have a “team” of like 4-6 team members, mostly cashiers or electronics tms – and 2 go against eachother, one with the most red cards advances to face another team – and so on, much like college basketball’s Final Four … This shit isn’t fun or cool or giving us anymore of a drive to get the beloved red cards – it’s fucking dumb… I wonder what stupid idea they’ll think of next… And this has only led to more pressure, more pushing “have you asked everyone?” – “give them a pamphlet” – “tell them how much they’d save” – “it doesn’t have anything to do with luck, you have to push them” and ever other bullshit “MOTIVATIONAL” stuff they can think of… The worst thing is that they keep making us do role plays – LIKE REALLY, how can I not know how to ask someone a yes or no question? It’s not the most difficult thing in the world – it’s retail – where they encourage you and expect you to work harder NOT smarter, and if I knew they were this hardcore about red cards I would have thought twice about applying here…

I mean, apparently getting red cards is all that matters – EVER – like fuck everything else … I could have stayed all day to help with soft lines, reshop, guest services, etc. but why does that matter when I didn’t get any red cards – like, fuck all that I do.


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  • Silverfox says:

    Maybe this will help. Get trained in how to process red card bill payments at your till. Either that or figure it out from one of the booklets lying around somewhere at the front. If they are paying by cheque, tell them oh we don't take cheques but you'll take them if you sign up for the red card. If they aren't paying by non target debit card. Get them to sign up for it by informing them, it's just like paying the bill directly with debit! Pay with the red credit card, then pay off the bill instantly with debit

    • SoAnxiousToday says:

      Unfortunately I'm trained in guest services - and I can process red card payments BUT we're actually "not allowed" at my store, to do payments at the registers... Idk if this is just my store but it sucks.

      I feel like every time I ask the "guests" seem annoyed or even off put by the mere suggestion - I think since we are such a small market it's hard getting people we haven't already asked like 82636 times :-/

      I've had "good" days where I've gotten multiple red cards though... It's just one of those things I think matters on your overall "Vibe" and I can admit that I am not as cheerful on coming in as I once was. I often dread coming in because it's always a shitshow with multiple call outs or not enough scheduled - so everything is hectic //// or I'll be spoken to by this one upper level "Sr. GSTL" so condescendingly that I stop trying ... It's weird ... I kind of miss caring but if I'm treated badly it'll shine though in my work

      • Silverfox says:

        lol that's stupid. Allowing to process red card payments at the register would increase red card sign ups tenfold. But then what can you can you do. They must be hungry for those interest payments. Only choice then is to send them to guest services


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