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July 26, 2015 - Maskedbyme

Red card madness

So my i got a job at target as cashier about 3 months back. I regret everyday not listening to my friends about retail being a shit occupation. I was ignorant, but, I was looking for a silver linning from my last job (subway). Keep in mind im only 17.

Firs off, target is petty about their red cards……  Real bad my GSTL told me word for word, “You need to guilt our older and forigen guest into getting a red card.” I just smiled and nodded but in my head I know thats morally wrong.

What pisses me off the most is my whole employee review isnt based on how I do the job I apllied for, its based how I sell red cards. I know many times i’ve gone far out of my way to help a guest find something, even help an eldery woman find something online using my phone, and helping a crippled man by taking his grocerys to his car for him. I know good deeds can go unoticed but really they are basing my work habit off a stupid piece of plastic to gain “loyalty” when it just scares people away.

I feel the guest that have came through my lane tell me more about how good im doing then my supervisors. Any word i hear from,my GSTL is, “Have you got a red today?” Or “keep asking all our guest about thay awesome 5%.” Like I already forgot the first 20 times you mentioned it.

I really want to move to the sales floor because I know,im the type of person that loves offering a helping hand to guesy. My LOD won’t move me because I havent sold enough red cards and had to be in the green for two weeks. So i buckeld down sold there red cards its been a month and she hasnt kept her promise. Any longer and they can kiss my ass goodbye and I can go to guitar center, instead.




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  • TargetSucks says:

    Not all retail is bad. You just happened to pick the single worst company in retail to work for.

  • Maskedbyme says:

    Haha i just realized how many grammar mistakes are in this my bad guys.

  • viciousdave says:

    Yup, they tell me to, got a red card yet? Remember please ask every guest for red card, first to get red card today gets 5 b dollar gift card. And the thing about reviews, but you are not good at selling red cards, IE little 10 cent raise. A job is about performance, not a card. I agree with that for sure. It's a social service type of job, we are to help people, not force onto them would you like a card like 200 times a day!!!!

  • FivePercentDrained says:

    I know right! It doesn't matter how well you help out in any situation. You can be the best there is but all that beautiful effort is wasted on a piece shit plastic. whenever you go into work, that day turn sour when you're approach like more than 10 time if " you got a redcard yet?" . When you tell me about 10 times a day.... it doesn't encourage me... it discourage me to ask anything at all. when I get ask about the third time will punish them for not asking at all. Tough for them. Its actually Harassment of work environment but the problem is nobody speak up. This practice is morally wrong and should be banned for such a practice. But all the management are going to cry there heads off for their monthly/yearly bonus commission. That is so obvious there getting the commission on cashiers because the harassment. Its very annoying. That's why the morals are so low being a cashiers. No matter who you are, over time, you get the suspicious and reduced the amount of rate you're asking. Fuck Tarshit.

  • Maskedbyme says:

    Nah its gotten worse now if you dont sell a red card during your shift, you HAVE to speak with an LOD or could get written up...


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