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October 2, 2019 - user8474729

Recently Hired, Already Feel like I’ve Work There 2 Years

About to hit a month of being brought on and already feel like I’ve been at this job for a decade. I can’t believe I ever thought this company was any good; their at Wizard of Oz level with making  the general public believe their honest and wholesome.

I was actually  excited to start work. I thought that for once I was going to be at a job that I enjoyed and how awesome it was going to be able to save money and pay down my debt, go back to school.

I am not a naive person, I consider myself a realist. But I was still smacked upside the head  with the level of fuckery at this job. I’ve worked retail for almost 15 years. I been in some real hell holes and again was taken aback.


First of all, there was absolutely no training plan. I didn’t even get to finish the modules for my section. The only thing they seem to give a shit about is that you finish the sexual harassment workshop and of course that’s because they need to cover their ass. Everything else is off the cuff and rushed hands on. We weren’t given a list or a manual of protocol, operations, jargon, etc. My training so far has been throwing words at me and quickly going through it. And not repeating any of it in sequence which means they quizzed me about shit  a week later that I only did once, expecting me to have it down pat and are astonished and annoyed that I don’t.

It all seems to be about passing the buck here. Blame for shit that goes wrong is  a hot potato. It’s no wonder that almost everyone is a miserable wretch. I was trying to figure out why they seemed to be so pissed that I was happy and smiley those first couple of days. Now I know why and can’t really blame them. If their not miserable because of what their going through, their miserable because of the way everything is handled.

This job has brought out the worst in me and  the high school level drama of the floor staff and Stepford Wife  bullshit of those actually trying to go higher in this mediocre  wonder bread  and gravy Dante’s Inferno is making me realize that I am a hair away from just walking out in the middle of a shift.

I’ll keep you updated.



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