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October 22, 2014 - angrytargettm0413

Rant about Target.

I’ve worked at tagert since april 4th 2013, about a year and a half now and ive dealth with many issues such as injuring my back and being forced to fill out a report before theyd finally call me an ambulance. I finally was able to switch to a flow team position due to my team lead not liking me for personal reasons outside of work. I was happy as flow until our team trainer left for another job and the guy who took over became overbearing. Our team lead wanted a few people doing the food truck and him and i were two of those people. The team trainer began to make comments about his penis and me ‘handling meat.’ I went to my team lead and nothing was done, so i went to the logistics and backroom team leads and again nothing was done. my hour have been cut and i have been forced to leave the food truck so he still can. My HR told me because I didn’t want to outright get another person fired that he would not be punished. I am tired of dealing with this and nothing being done.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    1. Call the HR hotline and report it. Call them many times, and write down the date and time that call them, every time. 2. Call a lawyer; what they're doing is illegal and must be dealt with. 3. Call your local newspaper and let them know, maybe somebody will write an article about it...

  • edge says:

    So not worth bring sexually harassed. It's not easy, but putting in your two weeks may bring some relief even though jobs are hard to find. Even though I'm currently stressed with finding a new job, I am still so happy I no longer have to be threatened about red cards and deal with asshole customers.


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