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July 30, 2017 - justin83593

Quitting Target After One Year

Alright, so I’ve been at Target for an entire year now and I’m honestly even surprised I’ve made it this long. When I first started working here in August 2016, I was a cashier and it was a pretty decent job for a first job. After about 3 months of working as a cashier, I had really gained interested in becoming cross-trained in guest services. Fast-forward 9 months later and I STILL haven’t been trained for guest service! It seems like every time I had asked about doing it, I always got some lame excuse. The first excuse was that I wasn’t confident enough in my decision making. I decided to take my manager’s word and I really started working on building confidence. Once I had built up some confidence, I talked to my managers again and they told me they couldn’t train me at the time because it was hard to schedule a training for guest services. At that point I had assumed that my training would be soon, but several months went by. As time went on, I saw serveral of the other cashiers become trained in guest service, even the ones who had got hired on after me. Target had never made getting me trained a priority. One of the big reasons I think they wouldn’t train me is because my store values me too much as a cashier. I always got the highest number of RedCards every week and without me our store would get nothing. You would think that all my hard work and dedication on becoming confident would be deserving of a spot up at guest service, right? But no, even to this day I am still not trained. I recently spoke with the STL about it for the last and final time. Her excuse was that I wasn’t reliable enough for guest service because I had just recently had a call out. This one call out was the ONLY call out I had ever made and it was because of personal reasons. Meanwhile, there are many employees up at guest service who have had several call outs. After she had told me that, I put in my two weeks. I was FURIOUS. It was at that point I knew that there was nothing I could do to move up, and that I would be stuck in this same stupid cashier position if I continued to stay. My last day is in a week and I am honestly so excited to get out of there. Sorry Target but won’t I miss you.




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  • Silverfox says:

    You don't want to do guest services. Half the time you are doing the work of your supervisor without the pay. Not to mention during training cashiers are encouraged to throw all the nutty customers to "guest" customer service.


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