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May 1, 2021 - gappytheTL

Quitting Target after 2 months

Firstly, I want to say that the management at Target is a complete fucking joke. There was only one TL that I actually liked and the rest can shove it up their asses.

I was hired the first of March to be a DBO. I was told I’d be working about 20 hours a week (as I had requested because I only wanted a part time job) and I would be receiving training for a week.

Fast forward to my first shift after ONE day of computer training and I was being thrown into Inbound. Imagine my surprise upon seeing a fucking 4am shift scheduled when I was told I would be working afternoon shifts for DBO. I shrugged it off until I noticed I had been scheduled for 9 consecutive work days with fucking SHITTY hours. I worked 4 am to 12 pm and then went to work at 9 am and worked until 6 pm only to come in at 3:30 am the next day.

This went on for about a month and some change. Don’t even get me started on the TL in charge of Inbound. She was constantly barking at me to move faster and would say “I don’t see you breaking a sweat. You need to move with speed and intensity.” All while she is shoving boxes down the line and I’m the only one working an entire side let alone having not been trained for the position of Inbound.


She would also always call for me over the walkie, and when I wouldn’t answer right away, would belittle me over walkie until she could find me in person to chew my ass over something that usually wasn’t  even my fault. She rearranged my carts and would stop the line to announce to everyone that I didn’t know how to fill up pallets before unpacking everything on them and then loading them back up to humiliate me.


After them putting me on Inbound and Fulfillment for about a month, they finally decided to throw me into a DBO position. Oh but without any training on it if course. I busted my ass and tried to understand what they were asking of me the first day I was out on the floor as a DBO but they just scoffed and sighed in annoyance and feigned surprise “You don’t know how to do one for ones? You don’t know what reshops are? You don’t know what zoning is?”


like no bitch none of you told me or even used your stupid little vocabulary around me where it would apply to me before this. And then the unrealistic workload was fucking hell. I was asked to do 2 and a half pallets of repacks, 3 u-boats, a flat, reshops,  over 60 one for ones (including the things that needed to be audited), and price changes all within the course of a 5 hour shift. And they expected me to do all of this by myself. At first it made me extremely upset because I’m a hard worker and they made it seem that what they were asking of me was realistic and completely achievable.

So naturally when I was barked at by the gap toothed goblin TL for Inbound with her saying “I had plenty of time to do all of the workload” and the ETL spitting out numbers at me, “it should only take you about 20 minutes to finish the one for ones. You can do over a hundred in 30 minutes, and you can do reshops and zone for 30 minutes. You have enough time to finish everything, so why do we think we’re moving so slow?” it made me want to  stay over my shift thinking I needed to work harder and finish my tasks.


It took me 10 and a half hours to finish the freight they wanted me to push along with zoning, reshops, one for ones, and audits. I didn’t even start the price changes. And I only got it done because someone came in in the evening and was able to help me push some of the freight. And they still had the audacity to tell me I wasn’t doing good enough after I stayed the second day to push all the freight (another 10 and a half hour shift, which means I stayed 5 and a half hours over my shift) they had.


I also complained about the TL who was always up my ass and barking at me while talking shit behind my back (and ironically never leaving me alone despite her saying how much she hated me), and was told by my Kermit looking ETL that I needed to respect my fucking team leads.

I was in the fucking Marine Corps, no I’m not going to let some middle aged hobgoblin with a sense of entitlement who thinks working at Target for so long is an accomplishment tell me I’m not a hard worker let alone belittle and demean me simply because I won’t put up with her shit.

all in all, I’m done with all the bullshit and the feigned “but how are you feeling?” questions thrown at me right after being told I’m not good enough and getting my ass chewed. Fuck their two week notice because I’m never working at Target again and I’m going to make twice as much doing writing jobs from home without all the bullshit and hassle. Today is my last day and I’m going to sparsely be courteous enough to give them a call to tell them I’m not coming in again.

I’ve had anxiety about it all night and thinking about whether it’s the right thing to do and even questioning my self worth and value which has shoved me into a place of realization that NO job should EVER make you question yourself like that, let alone Target. I want to thank you for all of the stories you posted because you’ve given me courage in stepping away from Target.


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