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September 28, 2016 - Lolnotargetisqorsethansatan

Quitting before probation

Soooo, I’ve been at kahki pantsed hell for two months and was at risk for liver failure with multiple drs notes, got written up for being sick while under probation. Then are being terrible for me having a learning disability and I’m fed up with that. But I found out I busted a few ligaments in my knee I’ve already had surgery on prior, and am going to be quitting. Nobody gives a fuck that has an office. They’re making you clean the entire fucking store on your own amd after a customer screws it up, blames you for not doing a good job. Fuck you Target, of there’s a website just for rants they should do something about the damned management.


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  • TarSecret says:

    2 'months good luck in the real world man! Try 2 in a half years till leaveing that place . But good for you just make sure you have a job lined up. But that's Target although when it comes to calling in sick with doctors notes my store will excuse that.

  • viciousdave says:

    Yup, target is a big hateful non tolerant to health business store. They've told me the same things, oh your sick, too bad come in to work or get written up. But they have let me be gone for a surgery, a long 4 months recovery time after the surgery too as it was a brain surgery to remove part a benign tumor. If they don't understand your limits of movement even with a doctors note you have the right to sue them if you still have or get that/those doctor notes because target is not fitting with your health limits.


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