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August 26, 2016 - a7xfan4995

Quit After Two Years of Bullsh*t

In the summer of 2014, I was hired at T-0607 as a softlines team member.  In the beginning it started out alright, I decided to work there for one year until I saved up enough money to go back to college.  In that one year though, I saw about six ETLs go in and out the door.  When the time came that I could go back to school, the HR people got pissy with me and made it extremely difficult for me to get the schedule right.  They would schedule me outside of my availability or schedule me on the days I needed off.  After going to school from the fall to the spring, I decided enough was enough and really started applying elsewhere.  The reasons I wanted to quit there was because the managers didn’t care about my schedule and I was paranoid that they weren’t going to approve my new schedule for this fall quarter.  Even if they had, I could foresee them screwing up the schedule just to make it hard for me to go to all my classes.  I didn’t tell anyone about me applying elsewhere and landed a cashier job at another major grocery store.  Now I’m perfectly content working for a store that is more than glad to work with me on my school schedule.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    One of the worst things for me while working at Target was the scheduling.They were very inconsiderate about it. I was originally hired to work part-time 18-24 hours which is all I wanted. Before I knew it they had me working 6-7 days a week 6 to 8 hours a day. They also constantly expected me to stay late. It was extremely unethical. They would add you onto the schedule with less than 24 hours notice too, but if you wanted time off they expected several weeks notice. My employer expects a certain amount of consideration then I expect them to return the favor. I will never allow another company to treat me the way Target did. Most recently my current employer scheduled me for a training sessions on a day I had requested off 2.5 weeks prior. The training sessions was also scheduled during a time I listed as being unavailable to work. My availability is 8pm to 8am, I'm working third shift. So essentially they scheduled me to do training at 10am to 2pm on a day I requested off by the proper channels during a time I've listed as not available when hired. It would be like scheduling someone who works 9am-5pm do to training at 2am. I did not attended this training sessions and when I was asked what happened I made it very clear I expect the same consideration they expect from me. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of it. I have the email from the manager confirming my request to have that day off. I'm being constantly told I'm amazing at my job and it's rare to find someone as good as me at it who is willing to work third shift. All I want is the same consideration they expect from me, honestly it's not a lot to ask. Anyways always push back, don't sit there and take it. Always get everything in writing! Never go based on what is talked about. Writing holds up in court a lot better than talk.

  • Silverfox says:

    their bs is probably why they flunked in canada

  • xfreakygamer says:

    I have to beg my store to STOP scheduling me on the verge of over 40 hours... Since schools starting i told them 22 hours max. and then they were asking if i can work more than that or they schedule me anyways more than my 22 max.


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