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May 7, 2016 - tarshitsuckass122296

Quit 2 weeks in

So I started my job at Target around 2-3 weeks ago. The training was fine, I actually worked with a manager from my former employer so that was nice. I didn’t mind working during my training shifts. Then I started my actual work schedule. I met the ETL and he seemed like a good guy but boy was I wrong. If this dude got hit by a bus, I think I’d be happy. So it started off by me taking my time sticking the shelves cause I wanted to make it look good instead of making it look like a flat out disaster and going as quick as possible but no that’s not the tarshit way. 1 minute per box? Fuck that shit I’m not gonna get that done on EVERY box, maybe some boxes with smaller items but not with the bigger items like the ones in chemicals. Then I was assigned to do trash, basically putting cardboard in the baler. This was the most disrespectful, most degrading thing I’ve ever done for an employer. I was treated like a slave not only by the ETL but by the other Team Members. I’d have to get the cages of cardboard and throw that shit in the baler. Fine. I still hated it but whatever I’ll do it. Then after lunch (Which was usually at around 9 Am when we started at 3:45), the team members would put their cardboard in carts and the ETL would tell them to leave it in the truck so I could get it. Carts took like 3 minutes for me to do but when there’s around 7 to 8 carts those 3 minutes start to add up. The thing that pissed me off the most was when I was told to stay after to get these carts done. I never did cause I didn’t want them to think they own me. I have no problem staying an hour later because somebody is sick but when you make me stay after to do trash (A job I didn’t sign up for) then that where I tell you to go fuck yourself dickhead. My second actual day (4th if you add the training) the ETL in the break room in front of literally everybody asked me “Why didn’t you get the trash done yesterday?” I was so embarrassed that I just said “I don’t know.” Like bitch do you expect me to have an answer for that? Like I didn’t get it done sorry maybe if you got your team members to throw their own shit away I would get the cages done in time. Usually I started the bulk of my trash at 9:45 after lunch and I’d have around an hour to get it done and I’d have 4 cages (A cage takes 10 minutes to do roughly so add up the time it would take) and the shit load of carts that team members were too lazy to get done so if I were to get it done it’d take me around 2 hours to get done. Also the team members pissed me off to the greatest extent. There was this lady that had a bag of trash and she asked me “Where do I put this trash?” and I completely ignored her cause she was feet away from the compactor so since I ignored her she got all bitchy with me and just stared at me with a blank expression as if she was mad. Also on the line I had to do bulk and move the line and all the people were getting mad at me cause I was moving the line (The thing my TL told me to do) and this fucking punk would just fucking punch the shit on the conveyor belt to my side looking like he was angry and that shit pissed me off cause first off if the TL tells me to do something, I’m gonna do it second off its like get out of here with your angry self. Did I mention that the TL was a bitch? Cause she was. I could tell she was a bitch because she never addressed me with respect. She would always say “What” in a rude fashion instead of a more welcoming “Yeah”. Stuff like this made me not wanna ask questions and if your team members don’t want to ask questions, you’re doomed. Then finally one morning I overslept till about 5 A.M. and I just said “Fuck it just never go in again.” and I was finally at peace with myself.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Sounds accurate. Target wants everything done so fast that it's impossible for it to be done right. You're general attitude seems poor. Why would you ignore a fellow coworker? It's no different than how you were treated when you approached others with questions.........

    • tarshitsuckass122296 says:

      I about had it that day, she should have had the awareness to just walk 8 feet and throw the trash out herself.


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