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October 15, 2015 - caligirl90

Question please :)

first off I have read first 5 pages and these posts are spot on ! No pun intended lol. I especially like honey badgers ( long rant ) post . Amazing!  Anywho , on to my question….. I work sales floor (HL) truly do dread this place but who cares it’s just a job I really don’t care if I am there . I’m coming up on my 90 day probation period and I just get a feeling I won’t be kept. I have NOT been disciplined or talked to in any way. I just get there feeling that some of the leadership and some employees don’t like me. I go in do my job and stick with it. Do the best I can actually. But here is where I think there may be a problem …I do not and will not pick up extra shifts, I actually don’t even answer the phone and ignore their calls completely. If a voice mail is left I don’t call back ( ever since then the stupid bitch that calls people in for shifts won’t even talk to me or acknowledge me in person) , the front end morons hate me because when I was “training” I had questions because well I was new and they acted like it was the worse thing in the world to help. Also when fast service is called I truly don’t care. I will go up once in awhile but sometimes I just get on the walkie and say I’m helping a guest lol, also I have not and will not bring up red cards to people. I also post shifts on the board often because I just don’t want to be there . And before anyone asks , yes I am actively looking lol.So my question is… you think I will be kept? I have only been late once so far , never called . And I have not been pulled aside for anything negative to be coached about with. Mind you I don’t care if I am let go . I’m just wondering if there is a dislike , like I think there is , would that be their reason to let me go? Oh and they have also tried to schedule me outside my availability and I put an end to that very fast and said if I am scheduled during those times I will not be in.  And yes that goes for thanksgiving and Black Friday.


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  • cashierlife2014 says:

    I been at target for 2 years I seen people come and go. And from what I read you most likely won't be kept . I say that cause this girl complain she was sick on Black Friday. And they didn't keep her though .you are required to work Black Friday at target that's one of the busy days of the year!!. As for not picking up shifts.. I have not picked up one shift since I been there haha I volunteer sometimes to stay later tho,But my bosses like me so they never yelled at me for it or let me go plus I atleast call em to let em know " hey I won't be able to cover that shift cause blah blah ... Anyways my point is you not covering shifts? if that was the only flaw you might have been kept. But since you don't want to work Black Friday that's a good way to let you go. And you not asking for red cards man Target is big on that it's annoying as fuck I know, but if you don't ask they may not keep you also cause of that. And you are in 90 day probation and already posting shifts on the board! That's a big red flag. See I post shifts on the board but I did that after my 90 days. If you trying to be fired well your on the right track. There not stupid they see who wants to be there or not ...I'm friends with my LOD"s so believe me what I'm saying So yea I don't. Think they will keep you. But that's fine look for another job that suits you. Sounds to me retail is not your thing.

  • viciousdave says:

    They should be like any other business that trains you in, they like it when you ask questions as it means to them you want to know more about the job and like it. To Target though asking questions is like what how do you not know? Well duh you havn't worked there before. Regular businesses always like it when you ask questions cause it shows that you want to learn the job and want to be there too. Stupid target is the opposite of ever job on the planet, they go against the regular business way.

  • caligirl90 says:

    Cashierforlife- I think you may have mis read what I was meaning. I have no problem at all working on thxgiving or Black Friday. What I meant was I will only work on those days during my scheduled availability. For example..... My availability is 8 am until 11:30 , if they try and schedule me let's say 6pm until 3 am on thxgiving I refuse to work that late at night. I have a VERY hard time sleeping at night and I can't be up until all ends of the early am working and through my sleep pattern out of whack. I have no prob working up until midnight though. As far as retail not being for me .... I would say your right. It's actually just ridiculous how they expect you to do the work of 3 people, understaffed , and think at your 7th hour of work you should be as fresh as when you just began. As I said though I really don't care if they let me go when my 90 days are up. I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit. I never took into consideration about the posting on the sheet though for my shifts. Your probably right on this. I just really a don't care though lol. It's just a bad place and I took the job because I was literally desperate. I think even a fast food place would be better than this place because at least a person their gets to focus on THEIR job and not everyone else's. It just steams me that I have to always hear about fast service but when I go up there I can't get my work done. Who helps me when I fall behind ? No one. Thx for your comments though I do appreciate it and it gave me some insight I didn't have before.

    • Silverfox says:

      It's more like target expects the world to revolve around them. And when it doesn't they seem to be acting like a two year old. Re: Target leaving canada.

  • Cytotoxin says:

    Haha you and I are so alike. Ive been called multiple times and only once did I ever pick up, we'll no me exactly bit someone in my household and the "person" asked if I was able to extend my shift and naturally I said no. I am in no way obligated to stay later or work on days that I am off. If you can't manage hours maybe you shouldn't be in that position. Anyways, at the beginning of this nightmare I had some LOD's and GSTL's daily say "Hello, how's your day?" Now, well, not a single word comes out of their mouths. Except for one or two but the rest seem to dislike me or maybe because theyes realize I'm not in the mood to answer such a blank and meaningless question. Anways, my 90 day probation is almost here and I honestly don't car if I stay or not. I mean regardless it's a win-win situation for me. Hand on there, you'll find a job that will accommodate your needs. I plan on going back to college so leaving the job is in the near future if I am kept.

  • FucktheRedCard says:

    Yeah its weird sometimes though. I swear to holy redcard hell that its impossible for anyone including the countless incompetent fucks at my store to get fired unless they steal something.


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