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April 15, 2015 - dontshoptarget

Purposely Forgotten (scrubbed) PDF and other Target Security Articles

I got stonewalled in my first round at discovery with my lawsuit against the Target Pharmacy here in Utah. According to Target’s attorney’s there are no “non-privileged” documents. I’m filing a motion to compel that includes voice recording from Target Customer Service giving me a claim # and at the same time telling me I had been denied my claim. I never made a claim, just a complaint.

I asked for video but I was told there is none but yet somehow I don’t believe them…

more importantly – For those of you who might be in need of this document I spent a couple of hours looking for it after finding references to it. It had been scrubbed by the and everywhere else seemed to link to that site so it was dead…or perhaps not. Six pages of the security capabilities of Target as announced in 2009 at the convention. Six years later I’m sure their capabilities are even greater.

Target Stores Spying Capabilities



Customer Experience / TargetSucks


  • viciousdave says:

    The big reason Target is denying that is probably for one big reason. They have a new CEO who may have changed the company books now. The new CEO took office in 2014 as the long time CEO retired soon after the Target hack happened. That's all I can say about this stuff to think of that they may be against you.

  • dontshoptarget says:

    Sorry it is instead of Typo that I can't seem to fix by editing the original.


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