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June 22, 2012 - cashiergirl

pure unhappiness.

i don’t even know where to begin…

i worked as a cashier at super target in kansas city for almost 2 years. everything was great there…rude customers everyday, but other than that i loved my store. THEN i transferred to a target in georgia. and let me tell ya, it’s fucking hell. i came into the store, on my first day of work, and no one was expecting me. when i finally met up with an LOD, they didn’t tell me anything about the store’s routine, rules, nothin. they just threw me on a checklane, and i didn’t even get to meet my gstl’s or anything.

this store is so fucking unorganized. our breaks are never on time. today, i worked 8am-3pm. well, as most of you know, you MUST take a lunch, before you hit the 6 hour mark. well, they forgot about my lunch. i didn’t get lunch until 1:45. i had to remind them, cuz i didn’t wanna get in trouble, for working 6 hours, and not clocking out.

my new store is understaffed big time, on the front lanes. on EVERY day off i do have, they blow up my phone, begging me to come in, because someone called in, or MORE LIKELY, they didn’t schedule enough people to handle the day’s business.

WE DON’T HAVE REGULAR SIZED BAGS TO SACK WITH. the new head manager, is a complete dumbass. she didn’t reorder the regular sized bags. so i did without, the first week i was there. i had to put my guest’s items in mini bags and jumbo bags. i felt rediculous putting a couple frozen pizzas and a shoe box in it’s own jumbo bag. oh and it happened again. once again, we are out of regular sized bags. and the jumbo sized bags ran out too. god only knows when we’ll get another shipment in, off the truck.

THE DUMBASS NEW MANAGER…i don’t even know where to start. apparently, the lady who used to be in charge got really sick, and target fired her for missing too many days. so now this young girl…like 19-20 is in charge. i’m 19, and i’ve been working at target longer than she has. but she’s got a big head, andĀ  thinks she knows it all. she sure did a great job reordering the fucking bags on time!!! today, she spentĀ  my entire shift picking at me, being a bitch. i’m a fucking transfer. i’m not some new person, who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

at my old store, if we didn’t have guests, we had to stand at the end of our checklanes, and greet guests, and ask if we could help them find anything. WELL, that wasn’t good enough for her. she threw a fit, cuz i had 5 hangers in my bin, that i could’ve thrown out, and 2 abandoned items on my checklane that i could’ve put away. so apparently, she thought i was standing around, doing nothing.

ohhh, and then she tried to embarrass me when i had guests, checking out…asking if i scanned the toilet paper on the bottom of their carts, and shit. um yeah, i’m always on the lookout for that stuff, you dumb bitch. she knit-picks at me all day over dumb shit. and shoots me dirty looks.

there’s so many other things i hate, not with just this store, but my old one too. they scheduled me during my unavailable hours. i had college classes to attend. i had to skip class sometimes, because they made me work during class. and i had to choose..job or school. well i need money for school, so i had to choose target. anyways, i ended up flunking big time. they were working me 38 hours a week (they keep me right under full time, no benefits), and i was attending college full time as well. i couldn’t keep up with it all..

rude guests…we all hate them. good customer service doesn’t = kissing someone’s ass. i’ll help you the best i can, but i’m not gonna take 50% off your whole cart, just cuz you think throwing a hissy fit will get you anything you want.

there’s more that i hate..but i think i’m done ranting. i’m in the process of finding a new job. and i encourage everyone else to do the same. we all deserve better than this bullshit.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Unfortunately there is no legal definition of full-time or part-time, that's totally up to the company to classify their employees. More importantly, fuck target, get the hell out of there!

  • Hate_Me says:

    Nice rant. You should have used the Fuck Word more, though. But well played.

  • viciousdave says:

    When they don't give you your breaks up to 15 minutes over due of the time when it should be, take the break and don't think about what they will say. My state and all states have a federal mandate of work breaks on hours, it's the law, and it's posted clearly in the Target I work at. 4 or more hours, one 15 minute break, 6 hours lunch break and 15 minute break, 7 or more hours gets 2 15 minute breaks and the lunch break. It's the Minnesota state law where I live and is required for all work companies in my state. It's required to be labeled at any and all work service of any kind. State law, it's mandated in my state of Minnesota.


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