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August 18, 2015 - Bombcar

Promotion… nope, not gonna happen….

My store recently decided to replace a couple of GSA’s. So being that I’ve been at Target for more than seven years I decided to apply. Waited a week, then another week, before anyone said anything about an interview.

I found out three days later that they had filled one position, and the next day the other. I should have known I wasn’t being considered because of how long the interview took to get to me since it was three days after I was told they were going to interview me. And it was with my GSTL (also my favorite TL since he’s worked in about four other departments).

If I wasn’t going to be considered I would rather not be interviewed especially since the first position was filled with a girl who transferred a few months ago from another store and the other was a cart attendant who had both interviews the same day.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Yup. Target is bullshit. Have knowledge about the place, been there a long time and know a lot of it and how to do a lot of things guests ask for. I do too, been there 7 years as well. Does having the time and knowledge there get you in a new position? Nope. Never did for me either. Started cashier, learned carts also on the cart pusher machine, ever get GSTL or GSA? Nope. Target's all about oh we gotta hire a newbie now for a GSA position or we gotta place that girl that's so great smilley and so talkative with us, she's so good at kissing ass and getting red cards. The ones like us who work the hardest and actually do more don't get the leader jobs at all, plus that I get picked on by leaders like get out front now for a next guest, how come you'r not doing anything? Hmm, hello, I am, I'm waiting for next guest and while waiting for a new person to check out I'm cleaning my convier belt and organizing things like I'm suppose to. DUH DUH DUH. Fuck target.

  • rage says:

    Do you have life experience, leadership skills, proven potential and an impressive resume? If so then back of the line for you! The real question is, do you have a college degree in something completely useless, will NEVER challenge the infinite wisdom of the Target gods, smile while saying "yes" to everything your leadership says, and bend over backwards for every last one of those pretentious, dumbass guests? If so, then you're just right for the job! No idea what you're doing? No problem, just smile all the time while moving around really fast, and annoy the hell out of everyone with red card talk.
    I've been there! I have a background which should make me a shoe in for TL... nope! I tried 3 times to get on the bench and kept getting fed bullshit each time. It was a blessing in disguise though and made me realize that I have so much more potential in life.


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