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July 22, 2014 - Overworked

Probably going to get fired soon

Recently received yet another bullshit coaching about my performance. Thanks coach! Fuck off. Took everything in my power not to hit this motherfucker in the face as he was talking down to me. I bust my ass and work as fast as I can everyday, yet I still get coachings instead of thank yous. I’m a hardlines TM who has to push the carts from the backroom by myself, even on truck days. One person cannot handle this workload alone and I have mentioned this to my idiot boss multiple times. It’s like talking to a fucking brick wall though, this guy.

He claims the reason there are still carts in the back room in the morning is because I’m moving too slow. Motherfucker, I bust my ass everyday! Really pisses me off to see the ladies over in softlines casually folding clothes chatting and the guys over in electronics talking it up when I myself am constantly moving at full speed throughout the store to get my work done. Being constantly interrupted by guests of course. Other employees get to casually zone at their own pace and never get bitched out for it when they could be helping me. What’s more important, things looking pretty or shit actually getting out to the floor? Yet I’m still paid the same as them, despite my extra stress and workload. I can never stop for even a few minutes to talk to my friends, but it’s okay if everyone else does so I guess. I also skip my fucking breaks to try and get this shit done in time for fear of being yelled at the next morning, which is inevitable anyway so why do I bother?

Nothing is ever good enough for these assholes. Despite the already impossible work load, I’m forced to do all types of other ridiculous shit too. I have to grab flexible fulfillment orders (lazy fuckers orders) every ten minutes, despite it being backroom’s fucking job. I have to help our one overworked backroom guy pull his fucking batches because Tarshit is too cheap to schedule even two people back there for the day shift. Hey Tarshit, the store doesn’t shut down just because the fucking truck is unloaded! I have to help old ladies carry huge fucking tables or shelves out to their cars or pull them from the backroom for guests. Do I get a thank you from my bosses for helping the customer though? Fuck no, I get a “why isn’t your job done yet?” Fuck off with that bullshit, helping guests IS MY JOB, remember? Huge research batches are created by other clueless employees who don’t realize that I’M the one who has to push all that extra shit in addition to the CAFs. Don’t get me started on the phones, that ringing over the speakers every five seconds is enough to drive you insane, especially when you know the person calling is going to have some stupid impossible to fucking answer question. To make matters worse, many times the morning team doesn’t get everything pushed, so then their shit becomes MY fucking problem too. Don’t yell at them though, they’re hard workers, unlike me apparently. The list goes on and on.

I’m seriously considering quitting, despite not having another job lined up yet. I don’t need this stress and bullshit in my life. I’m a grown ass man, yet I’m talked to like a small child by leaders far less intelligent and hardworking than me. My lazy ass boss talks with the other leaders his whole shift and he has the fucking audacity to say I don’t work hard enough? He has never worked my shift, yet he claims to know exactly why all the carts aren’t getting pushed. Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve never seen this asshole complete an honest day’s work. How many coachings before you’re fired by the way? Also, fuck lazy bosses and fuck Tarshit.


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  • John Cree says:

    Don't quit outright, line up a new job, then quit. I was terminated and it took four months and all my savings to find a new job. BUT, Ya plan on it. Don't stay in a job that has such stress very bad for ya and, trust me, target won't appreciate your efforts no matter how hard you work.

  • Silverfox says:

    quit. leave the backyard hanging

  • Silverfox says:

    he thinks one person can handle it alone. so quit and let him handle it alone without you covering for him

  • tartar sauce says:

    Agree with you totally I liked working there up till all the changes at the start of this year. With the fire of Steif whatever the changes forced me to quit without notice. So before He was fired quit whatever. My hours remained constant the previous boss hired me for the truck team and I only worked on the truck days. Then my time rolled out and I only got scheduled for one day a week. Nothing in my work performance was different before or after the change. Yet all of sudden I was not working fast enough. I talked to my boss who said I had to step it up but instead all i dead was step out BEST DECISION EVER. My life is so much nicer without the bull shit that target is doing. Shooting itself in the foot I would say so Thank you target for making it so easy to leave your DUMB ASS

  • goth2be453 says:

    I have nothing to say except I'm in the exact same position as you except I'm a lady and that's the only difference. x-x I left work crying the other day and I ended up telling my LOD to fuck off. Pretty sure that was bad but I'm happy I did it.


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