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July 2, 2016 - Unrealistic expectations

Poor Management and Talent

So due to the canada failure and this Transgender policy its obvious target is cutting everything to get some money back. Being a TL I usually write schedules for my team, putting this years hours per week compared to last year its pretty obvious whats going on. Cutting hours for regular TM and forcing TLs to bear more of the workload is a great way to keep good TM around. This would’nt normally be a problem but when you work at a store where all your upper leadership was pushed out (for being long tenured and paid well) and replaced with fresh college bimbos, it gets difficult. Not only do they take an hour to do LOD walks, all of them get together at starbucks for another 45 minutes in the morning. Fucking usless, cant pull their own batches, takes 2 of them to push 1 pull, and insist on doing the schedule even though they obviously dont know what that department needs staff wise. A degree means nothing if you are lazy and have a shit work ethic. Target needs to start promoting TL who have the experience to back it up, to ETL, instead of highering people based solely on the amount of college they have finished.

Target pays them close to 45k per year to drink starbucks and call for backup. Takes notes from your own saying “right people, right place, right time ” and learn to manage your business. ┬áIf not you’ll end up like t-2728 and have a turnover rate above 40%. Good day sir!


Customer Experience / Employee Experience


  • TargetSucks says:

    You sound like a whiny, ignorant cunt. Do you really think treating people with respect and dignity is a bad policy?

    • Unrealistic expectations says:

      Did you even read it? Who is being treated with respect and dignity? I have no problem with the transgender policy if that is what you're referring to, the byproduct of the policy is my problem. Cutting hours because sales and target stock has taken a huge blow is my issue, please pay attention before opening your mouth, cunt.

  • Nergal says:

    I can see where you're coming from. We've had an almost complete upper management overhaul and the replacements are as clueless as they come. I have this ETL (guest experience TL) that literally struts around the store drinking coffee and constantly asking for backup so she can hang around the softlines area to chat with her other lazy piece of shit friend. She apparently has a degree in business but from what I can see she can barley manage her own work let alone a good portion of the store. What's sad is I think she gets paid well over 50k a year.

    • viciousdave says:

      I have a retail management degree but target is like that doesn't matter at all, you're still gonna be just a cashier. Like WTF? So I paid $8000 dollars for a 6 month degree for nothing? Target is pure blasphemy. The HR guy said to me all ETLs, GSTLs, all team leaders make about 25K a year about. Than he said the manager makes probably the only 50K a year. But who knows.

  • Silverfox says:

    oh well, let's see how they deal with a two pronged attack from Loblaws via Joe fresh stand alone stores and the primark expansion in the us. LOL


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