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December 2, 2015 - ladygamer

Please read!!!!# help mee!!!

I’ve been at target for 3years now, and I’ve been dealing with this rude unprofessional OLD evil LOD.. she and I have been going back and fourth since I first started. She’s argued with me over the walkie trying to embarrass me im front of everyone, but me being the person I am I always stand up for myself! (Unlike some pussys at my job) anywho, she’s talked about me several times badly even tho I get my job 100% every fucking. I keep getting scheduled against my availability and it’s annoying so when I told her I’m coming in my availability time she’s got all hostile and said why can’t you come in earlier.. well Its called an availability for a reason right? God comes first and she is now questioning my availability, basically saying F church and what I believe in target is more important.. tf. Enough is enoigh. I need to get her out of Target!! She’s even threatened other employees saying she’ll fire them like she’s the damn store manager . Bitch please . Anywho she needs to LEAVE. I’m not saying that being mean but she’ Is evil and deserves to be fired. How can I go about showing how rude and unprofessional she is. I have alot of things written down that’s happened between me and her (Also I have caught her under the influence several times either high or drunk& the heffa is damn near 100 years old lol). I have been getting harassed by her for to long and it’s time to be serious and take action. Should I call corporateand say something or just file a harrassment claim first? I have proof. I can’t go tbe the other managers here bc they’re all together and they won’t do shit. She really deserves to leave and not terrorized people anymore .she’s had several people crying on the job, but im no pussy so she’s get the same treatment back from me that she’s gives out. she is the worse Lod in target history. So ┬áplease help me on what I should do. It’s not like i have no proof. I hate coming in on days she’s closing. It’s like a “ughhh” fring everytime I see her car in the parking its like “ugh theres her bucket.she’s here today”.. she makes it hostile .uneasy to work with and everything !! Please help!! I need advice. Like u guys don’t even understand. She’s got in my face one day and pointed her finger basicallycalling me a liar cus I wasn’t looking her in her face. Like bro your old and wrinkles and your breath stinks & I don’t respect you, why would I look you in the face? That day I had to walk to my car and call my MOTHER CRYING to calm me down because I was gonna go off on her cus im not the mean type.. there has to be someway to prove her she’s rude and have her fired or at least transferred.. she’s been at the same target for over 1O yrs aren’t they’re supposed to leave every 3 – 5 yrs ?? Anywho thank you for reading this long vent.!! I just really dislike her with all my heart. I pray for her cus maybe she hayes her life,has nk husband and her kids don’t love her so she enjoys making other peoples lives misurable but I AM NOT THE ONE.



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  • Silverfox says:

    You don't have to go to church to believe in god. If you believe in god, you shouldn't be swearing at all. Christianity teaches humility and the ability to persevere and believe

  • RedcardWarrior says:

    It's kind of amazing that some LOD's go to the extent to embarass employees over the walkie but I remember when I worked there me and the STL didn't like eachother too much and it was constant. One of the many reasons I try to avoid target as much as possible even today.

    • RedcardWarrior says:

      also in addition, I don't think going to corporate would be worth your time unfortunately. You need so much evidence and even then the only thing she'd probably get is a slap on the wrist.


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