Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

July 23, 2012 - itsallBS


I have worked at target for a little over a year the experience has only one reward, I have met some pretty amazing people that is it. As far as the job goes it is by far the worst job I have ever had aside from not being able to believe a word that comes out of any of your LODs mouths the hours are terrible and the pay is degrading. Last week though has definitly put it all into perspective for me on what type of people that this company wants working from them and the training they give their leaders seems to train them all to BULLSHIT everyone. I applied for an open gsa position that they knew was open for quite some time I did not get it “Bummer” all i really cared about was the 50 cent raise cuz guess what? with that i hopefully would be able to eat real food! 4 days after they informed me i would not be getting the position the LOD on duty tried to get me to work as the opening gsa……. but i wasnt really going to be the gsa just keeping a close eye on the front end and making sure people got their breaks and calling for back up cashiers when needed is what he needed me to do………i told him that what he was telling me was that he wanted me to basically do the same thing except get the cashiers change when needed. I didnt let him say anything and told him i would let him know when they needed changed and hung up the phone. I am currently looking for a new job and will never work a retail job again food service is honestly where its at for a college job people are honest and you are constantly busy i am looking forward to going to a job where my brain isnt turned off by mind numbing repetitive work and fill with BS from my superiors. keep you fingers crossed for me guys that my soul and brain will recover from my time at target!



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  • Hate_Me says:

    Wait a minute... You said, " service is honestly where its at for a college job". Almost right after that, you said, "i am looking forward to going to a job where my brain isnt turned off by mind numbing repetitive work". Food service isn't mind-numbing repetitive work...? Right. You're a serious moron, and the fact that you lack punctuation and capitalization in your writing goes to further prove that you are an under-educated idiot. Maybe food service and Big Box Retail is where it's at for you.

    So were asked to watch over the front lanes for a couple of hours. I'm sure you didn't even break a sweat. You were probably wandering around, facing the batteries or re-stocking gum for God's sake. Get the fuck over it, you lazy ass.


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