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January 13, 2016 - elizalove25

Part Time Employee

The last day I worked at target was a Saturday and at the end of my shift, the LOD at the time was trying to tell me that they hired me wrong and that I was now a seasonal employee instead of a part time employee. But what she didn’t know is that I still have the paperwork stating that I am a part time worker. Instead of her being nice about it she turns around and says with a look on her face that I should be a seasonal worker. I didn’t really care that she said this to me anyways because I am quitting anyways to go to a better job where I don’t have shitty hours or have to work weekends or nights. Keep in mind that the days that I worked I would be free all day and have told them this multiple times that I am free and I would still work 7pm to 11pm. Only about 1-4 days a week, which was just pathetic. I got the worst scheduled hours and then the days I would be off they would call me in and get mad if I didn’t come in. This week I only work 4 hours and that is the reason I quit because I cannot live off $40 minus everything the government takes out. When I told them I was quitting the same lady who said I should be a seasonal got all mad at me.


But if you are looking to work for Target and think this would be a good job you are wrong. You don’t get very many hours, you do not get the position that you applied for even if you are so good at it. It is really hard for you to cross train into something and get hours in that area even though they say that they “need” people. You are on a 90 day probation period which means that if you are really sick and you are throwing up you have to call out but they look down on you for it. They think you are available 24/7 to work even though when you were being hired you told them when you could work and when you couldn’t work with. You work holidays. It is hard to get days off. If you don’t get days off but your friend gets the days off, that is called favoritism. The guests ask you stupid questions. Some management is nice but not really. And it is hard for you to see your pay stubs online.


I do not recommend working here at all from personal experiences.


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