Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • Kind of long, sorry. Just need to get this out.

    It happened 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been honestly fuming about it ever since. I can’t believe they did what they did. I got fired for “multiple” reasons, and all minus one of them was bullshit. But hey, was only at 60 days so nothing I can do. I worked at the Starbucks in the store, though I’ve also helped with register & consumables, but I got along with almost all my team members in the cafe great. In this case probably too great, and this is the one reason I’ll own up to fucking up, we talked a lot of shit over there. I worked with all young girls, and everyone had someone they didn’t very much like in our crew. I just happened to be the one who got snitched on for the gossip.

  • December 8, 2018 - season2813

    Seasonal in November

    My first time in retail in over 10 years was at Target. Never again. I got hired instantly because they were doing a hiring spree for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas – and clearly stated: No one is allowed to take off.  I didn’t mind and took the job for some extra money. Everything started off great. I was Inbound/SRT. 4 AM on double truck days. 6 AM on single truck days. Often times, I could get a little “over time” (we all know there is no such thing), especially on double truck days. On single truck days, they were more stringent about what hours you could work and tried to send you home early.

    Well, I had entered the truck one day and figured I’d help someone. I had no clue what I was really doing, but I had just been pushing the boxes from the truck to the line. The girl I was working with, with a manish complex, was loading all the boxes on to the conveyor belt. She got a little backed up and busy and was helping the manager lift some stuff on to a pallet, so I figured I’d just keep the line moving and grabbed a few boxes from the truck. “Fucking get away, I don’t need your fucking help. Get the fuck off my line” is what I heard. I was new, so I was like, “Why is this bitch being so nasty to me?”

  • December 5, 2018 - LittleCrest

    Over GSA and Small Formats entirely.

    Before I start this long rant about what my position was and how it varied from other large format Targets.

    I work at the newest Target in California, which was to be a TargetExpress. During this time, I was made to be part of guest services which I excelled at when I was still training at another location near me. (trust me when I say that when I put in my two weeks tomorrow, I am happy to give store numbers and locations.) Helping people and getting shit done is my specialty until I got transfered over to the store I was hired for.

  • Hired as seasonal, worked 6 depressing weeks, didn’t go into work tonight. Feels like a fucking weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


    “Are you on walkie?” was making me homicidal. WTF is with that crap? I applied to work a job, not join a fucking cult. “Guests and team members” No bitches, employees and customers. Quit it with this ridiculous talk!

    I didn’t bust my knuckles, literally, to try my best at pushing a 7ft tall pallet in the freezer BY MYSELF and still zone consumables in 2hrs 15 min to have a clown shoes LOD shift his hip and sigh in utter disappointment because I wasn’t some fucking wizard that could make that happen. Y’all bitches at corporate need to get with the program on what IS and ISN’T humanly possible.

  • - creeelee

    My friend was fired

    so this guy I befriended from target was fired because he missed his fifth hour a bunch of times within his 90 days and he apparently wasn’t performing well. It makes perfect sense but there’s something that isn’t adding up to me or it’s maybe a coincidence. I figured out he’s been stealing video games along with a $300 item. He wasn’t confronted about it or anything so maybe he got away with it. Someone noticed something was missing and suddenly a week and a half later he ends up getting fired so I’m thinking there’s more to the story but apparently target didn’t say anything about it. It just seems odd to me. Are they just gonna ignore this? I know I sound like a shitty friend but I honestly think what he did was kind of petty. I know target sucks but what he did was crazy. Target usually cracks down on this sort of thing as the persons getting fired. I’ve seen people get walked out in cuffs for this. Maybe they really don’t know?

  • November 13, 2018 - ashley1215

    Bullshit Cashiers have to Deal With

    I started as a seasonal worker in October and at first it was fun, making above minimum wage and working with other kids. But soon enough I learned Target culture, and here are some things I’m already sick of:

  • November 10, 2018 - formerloyalcustomer

    Unjustly Fired

    Been debating whether or not to post about my experience for a while but I can’t stay silent.

    In early August I interviewed twice and was offered a cashier position, as a loyal Target customer I was quite excited. I was told during orientation that in a month and a half when my schedule needed to be changed for college it wouldn’t be a problem at all, just submit a request two weeks in advance.

  • So today was my first day as a seasonal. I work in the apparel and was hired last week. The whole process seemed rushed to me. Orientation was good but the tour of our store sucked. The person that was in charge of our orientation was training under the HR of our store who LEFT IN THE BEGINNING OF THE ORIENTATION. She did good but all the people in the store are new or just don’t care.

  • November 3, 2018 - Redcardsuck

    To work at Target is Hell on Earth

    This is a parody of heaven is a place on Earth.

    Ooh, baby, dont you know you’re own Worth?
    To work at Target is Hell on Earth
    They say in Target, your health suffers
    When you work at Target it’s hell on Earth

  • October 31, 2018 - HRLiars

    Corporate Cowards

    If Target wants to save money quit screwing over the employees and get rid of corporate HR.  They don’t have the guts to say anything to the local HRs and just let them screw people over for their own amusement or personal prejudice, at least they let the ones in KCMO fuck people over for no reason and then lie like crazy if the person speaks up.  Wastes of human life all of them.