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  • December 12, 2019 - Targetsucks13

    Lazy management

    The Target store I worked for got new management in this last year.. and they are all lazy. We got a new SD recently and she turned out to not only be the laziest most useless human but also a complete bitch. They all complain and bitch about team members not getting things done but they sit in the office all day talking bad about team members instead of helping or trying to make changes.

  • I have the worst ETL HR in the world. Read on and I think you’ll agree!

    Let’s call her Helga.

    Helga and I started in our new positions on the same day. I’m the HR TM. I’m not actually new to the position, just to this store. I took a brief hiatus from Tarshit (why did I go back???) and did GM at my new store until the old HR TM left and I applied for her job and got it.

    So Helga and I start on the same day. A fresh new start, right? I’m sure this new ETL HR will be just as awesome as my old HR TL and everything will go swimmingly, right?


  • I’ve been working at Target for about a month and a half now. The day of my interview I got into a minor car accident which really should’ve been seen as a sign for how my job there would go. As a sidenote/preface of sorts, this is only my second job ever and my first in retail.

  • December 1, 2019 - apnater2019

    The Life of a former Target TSS

    Hi all. I recently just got out of target (or getting out, 4 more days.) even though target has its moments as you all know very well, I dont wanna burn the bridge yet should I need a a job or even seasonal work.  I have a lot of stories that I think would entertain the masses and that I can see if any other former or current TSS’s have similar adventures. Ill just start with a semi tame one but this will show how target generally handles things or what a TSS can do (and not do) when they are alone.

  • November 23, 2019 - miavahan

    Are you serious Target?

    I was a new hire and I had to take a day off to take care of family business. Still only had my paper schedule and it cut off that day. Went in later that day to ask when my next shift was and only got shrugs. “Okay, disorganized much?” I thought to myself. I work only weekends so I know I dont have shifts during the week. Anyways, kept calling to see if they had updated the schedule or any news of that sense. NEVER got a clear answer. Finally after two weeks, I had enough of their shit and called in store again. Was told that I had been fired for NCNS. Are you fucking serious?

  • November 11, 2019 - NeverGoingBack

    A Taste of the ‘Fun’ I Endured as a Team Lead

    I’ve been free from the hellhole that is Target since February this year after working for this miserable company for just over a decade. I had initially started to type up a post of all the bullshit I endured just in my last year there, but realized that even that was going to take up like twenty pages. So in this post I’ll just focus on two (out of like a billion) things that stood out to me as being particularly egregious.

  • November 10, 2019 - blackfridaysurvivor

    Black Friday Survival Guide

    Hey Target friends. Now that it’s November, it’s time to prepare for Black Friday. What would you add to a survival guide? I’ll start:

    • Avoid Karens At All Costs
      • There are 6 words that haunt employees’ dreams every night: “can I speak to a manager?” On Black Friday, there’s no time for that. Keep your distance from all “Karens,” along with soccer moms. This is their one opportunity to make the holidays perfect and “YOU’RE NOT GOING TO RUIN IT, PUNK.”
    • Buy A Riot Shield
      • Riot shields are long enough to cover an average-sized person from the top of the head to the knees. They are typically used in riot control, which is what you may be dealing with this Black Friday. Protect yourself from the mob, and equip yourself with a riot shield.
  • i still havent been trained to work guest service despite working as a “checkout advocate” (eye roll) for a year.  they keep training people for guest service on their first or second day, though!  the GSTL will give me the keys/leave me in charge to go on their lunch and i dont even know how to do guest service. one of my GSTLs said like 6 months ago that she thinks i would be good for it and ive been asking periodically to be trained there but it still hasnt happened.

  • Fuck Target Middle FInger

    - TargetSucks

    10 Years of Target Hate

    Target sucks. FUCK them. But happy anniversary to this website! 10 years now we’ve been hating on the big box of doom. Reading the stories on this site, and how common the bullshit is, amazes me that those cunts are still in business.


    Hey Tarshit, Fuck You!


    Fuck Target Middle FInger

  • This is a story someone told me, and I will paraphrase from his point of view:

    I worked at Target for less than three months to stock, and they let me go for being too slow. It honestly amazed me how back stabby the employees there were, even making things up. I would get yelled at for not doing things — even though those things were not assigned to me.