Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • November 24, 2020 - kittykat217

    Target Store 2201 Fired Me For Having Coronavirus

    I was hired at Target store 2201 in Ross/Pittsburgh PA before the covid19 pandemic began. A few months later I sadly ended up catching the virus and it took a huge toll on me. I immediately told my store director and the HR department to make them aware. I was informed that due to being understaffed I could face a write up for calling out and until I provided official documentation that says I have the virus and that I still needed to come to work. For the safety of my coworkers and the store customers, I had no choice but to call out. When I spoke to the store director on the phone, he told me I would be fired if I didn’t provide proof / documentation that I had the virus. I then told him that it would take a day or 2 for my doctor to send the results in. The very next day, I got fired. Target expressed no sympathy  towards my illness and showed no concern towards the safety of team members and guests, knowingly exposing many. I am not the only person who got canned due to having covid19 in this company or at this store location alone.

  • November 14, 2020 - 1424shit

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  • September 12, 2020 - boiboi

    Fired for stealing

    last month i was fired for stealing small items. AP never called the police, just said I have to pay 60 dollars and also be fired. I was fine with that and signed the paper admitting i stole. Today i received letters to pay the 60 dollars and another that says 250.00. I already know not to pay the 250 dollars since that’s how the lawyer scams you. But if I pay the 60 that I agreed to, would they pursue with the 250 since they saw that I paid the 60 dollars. Or should I not pay anything at all.

  • Hi, I started at Target 0949 2 months ago, everything was great the first two weeks; I did my training, worked on the floor my second day to learn about my “business” and how things work. My manager was great, super supportive of my learning and such, the other style team members were there to help me, and the leads taught me what I needed to know to succeed. Buuut—

    After my first month I felt as if I was walking on eggshells. Anything I said seemed to piss everyone off. Examples below

  • August 12, 2020 - whocarezz

    I don’t care leave my store


    I am 19 years old, do I look like I care about your 2 dollar crayons that wrote weird? NO !!!  Get out of my face with the “customer is king” bullshit. If I could I would slap the Starbucks out of the hands of almost all of the bitches who come into the store.

    I love when people say “I want to speak to a manager” like ok yeah sure I’m sure my boss would love to stop what he’s doing to come tell you himself that we cannot return a bathing suit from 2016. GTFOH


  • July 7, 2020 - avocados2323

    I hate target soo much (:

    I started working for target in 2017 during thanksgiving at first I liked cause everyone was nice and the team really helped out. Then like 2 weeks later everything sucked the leads would get on my ass about every little thing and how I had to leave a good zone and don’t get me started during Christmas season we would have a ton of go backs and leave like 10 carts full of stuff well one of the leads yelled at me in front of everyone because my 3 areas had the most go backs 😌 half of the things came from other areas anyways I wanted to leave but I desperately needed money.

  • May 10, 2020 - polevaza000

    Target is a piece of shit

    So this is quite a bit to say so ill start from the beginning. Around October of 2019 this girl joined my target(Alderwood Mall Target) and started sucking up to all the ETLS and TLS. One day when i was stocking shelfs she came up to me and said “I’ll beat you up and if you hit me back you’ll go to jail.” I was frustrated but couldn’t go to any store leads cause our management sucks and wouldn’t do anything about it so I just avoided her as best I could.

    Recently, this same girl came up to me when I was going to clock in and accused me of telling some other girl that she “needs to have sex with me.” When I went to HR she just said “I’ll talk to her.” Like WTF??? So i’m just trying to get the attention of corporate now so that something can happen to all of them cause I made it 2 years at this place without problems. Definitely hate target cause all they do is fucking harass the shit outta you and expect you to just take the blows.

  • I was hired about a month ago at T2201 for fulfillment, I wasn’t trained by a trainer/lead in the position, I was trained by another entry level employee. There was no “proper” training. Basically on my first day, I was shown how to pick, do ships, and that was that. I was shown at a later time by another entry level employee how to do packing.

    So fast forward to several days ago, the closing LOD, called me into her office and told me she had to retape some packages I did and if she had to have a discussion like this with me again, I could get terminated. What the hell?!

  • April 14, 2020 - Silverfox

    If you ain’t a

    If you aren’t employed at a super Target, quit. You shouldn’t even be working. Stay home. Non super Targets aren’t essential. Just quit and save yourself or transfer to a super Target.

  • April 5, 2020 - annoyedcashier

    literally not doing anything for corona

    I’m a guest advocate and my store is basically not doing anything. I got yelled at by my team lead to clean my belt bc of COVID, and all she gave me was the generic spray. No disinfectant or anything. In fact, my whole shift, my belt and area never gets disinfected ONCE.

    People are getting all up in my face and GSTLs are not helpful when people are literally up on top of me. We’re seriously supposed to be social distancing and I’m in one of the most infected states. Just putting stickers on the floor doesn’t do anything.

    There’s guests just walking around the store and coming in large groups. I’m sorry, but now is not the time to buy a bikini or foundation.

    My store has also not given masks or gloves to me. Only to the people doing the “cleaning” shifts, who aren’t even rly cleaning anyway.