Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • August 12, 2020 - whocarezz

    I don’t care leave my store


    I am 19 years old, do I look like I care about your 2 dollar crayons that wrote weird? NO !!!  Get out of my face with the “customer is king” bullshit. If I could I would slap the Starbucks out of the hands of almost all of the bitches who come into the store.

    I love when people say “I want to speak to a manager” like ok yeah sure I’m sure my boss would love to stop what he’s doing to come tell you himself that we cannot return a bathing suit from 2016. GTFOH


  • July 7, 2020 - avocados2323

    I hate target soo much (:

    I started working for target in 2017 during thanksgiving at first I liked cause everyone was nice and the team really helped out. Then like 2 weeks later everything sucked the leads would get on my ass about every little thing and how I had to leave a good zone and don’t get me started during Christmas season we would have a ton of go backs and leave like 10 carts full of stuff well one of the leads yelled at me in front of everyone because my 3 areas had the most go backs 😌 half of the things came from other areas anyways I wanted to leave but I desperately needed money.

  • May 10, 2020 - polevaza000

    Target is a piece of shit

    So this is quite a bit to say so ill start from the beginning. Around October of 2019 this girl joined my target(Alderwood Mall Target) and started sucking up to all the ETLS and TLS. One day when i was stocking shelfs she came up to me and said “I’ll beat you up and if you hit me back you’ll go to jail.” I was frustrated but couldn’t go to any store leads cause our management sucks and wouldn’t do anything about it so I just avoided her as best I could.

    Recently, this same girl came up to me when I was going to clock in and accused me of telling some other girl that she “needs to have sex with me.” When I went to HR she just said “I’ll talk to her.” Like WTF??? So i’m just trying to get the attention of corporate now so that something can happen to all of them cause I made it 2 years at this place without problems. Definitely hate target cause all they do is fucking harass the shit outta you and expect you to just take the blows.

  • I was hired about a month ago at T2201 for fulfillment, I wasn’t trained by a trainer/lead in the position, I was trained by another entry level employee. There was no “proper” training. Basically on my first day, I was shown how to pick, do ships, and that was that. I was shown at a later time by another entry level employee how to do packing.

    So fast forward to several days ago, the closing LOD, called me into her office and told me she had to retape some packages I did and if she had to have a discussion like this with me again, I could get terminated. What the hell?!

  • April 14, 2020 - Silverfox

    If you ain’t a

    If you aren’t employed at a super Target, quit. You shouldn’t even be working. Stay home. Non super Targets aren’t essential. Just quit and save yourself or transfer to a super Target.

  • April 5, 2020 - annoyedcashier

    literally not doing anything for corona

    I’m a guest advocate and my store is basically not doing anything. I got yelled at by my team lead to clean my belt bc of COVID, and all she gave me was the generic spray. No disinfectant or anything. In fact, my whole shift, my belt and area never gets disinfected ONCE.

    People are getting all up in my face and GSTLs are not helpful when people are literally up on top of me. We’re seriously supposed to be social distancing and I’m in one of the most infected states. Just putting stickers on the floor doesn’t do anything.

    There’s guests just walking around the store and coming in large groups. I’m sorry, but now is not the time to buy a bikini or foundation.

    My store has also not given masks or gloves to me. Only to the people doing the “cleaning” shifts, who aren’t even rly cleaning anyway.


  • March 25, 2020 - Flyers000

    A positive gain from working at Target

    I left Target over 5 years ago. I worked overnight, unloading, scanning, stocking…may I add…I am a petite female and every night had to unload and  furnistock theture, dog food, cat litter, pallets of water with broken jacks,.everything heavy while the larger males tend to get assigned soaps, candles and deoderant. I needed a job at the time because the company I worked for went out of business so I knew it was temporary until I found something else. Temporary lasted two years of hell. I watched so many people get verbally abused every night. The same abuse went on during the morning when the cashiers came in. It was horrible to see my leads leave in tears. To see the good people, the hardest workers get treated like garbage. I finally found another job which almost paid double as a starting rate.

  • March 11, 2020 - smokedbore

    never become a team lead

    hi guys. i just walked out on my store director and my executive of hr 1 week ago. i got to say if you are ever approached about being a lead in that place just FUCKING SAY NO. i think its probably the worst professional decisiom of my life.  i do not recommend it. first off the pay increase is dog shit. they force you to have open availability but refuse to give you overtime 99% of the year. and you’ll have every executive in there questioning everything you do even if you have more retail experience than them.

  • March 4, 2020 - targetisevil

    Target is evil and dishonest.

    First of all, thank u for this website, it is very informative.  Briefly my story with dealing with Target has been a nightmare.  Briefly as possible, I was severely injured by a Target employee and despite the fact that they are one of the best CSI crime labs in  the country, the videotape evidence, above the cash register, went “MISSING and/or DISAPPEARED.”  They put me through HELL and told me in effect, prove it, how can u prove it, when they destroyed evidence.  Looking online, Target does this often, in the the law it is called SPOLIATION. But the videotape only goes missing, when they are at fault. 

  • February 29, 2020 - ih8myself



    So I’ve been working at target for a horrendous 6 months now solely because I am a broke college student needing to pay rent. It has been a tumultuous 6 months where I have gotten the worst humanity has to offer. I may not be the best with attendance because I have mental health problems that cause me to miss shifts sometimes. I do not let it impede on my productivity because I care for my coworkers and not Target itself.

    Antyways, one example of how ridiculous this place is: we had a person work at Starbucks, and they would show up intoxicated or bring alcohol in a bottle to drink at work.