Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • My store is going crazy with the guest service on the foor.

    Ever since this year started, everything that I used to like in my store has been going to hill because of our leadership. I’m a Beauty Team Member, and all my Team Leaders expect me to Guest Service EVERYBODY without missing anybody and if I do, I will get coached!

  • I worked for target for about three weeks. One my orientation day our HR lady asked all of us if we needed a schedule change. I said yes because I needed to visit my university to register for my classes. I requested my two days off and they told me I was all good and they gave me a new schedule. Three weeks go by of me working this shitty job (I have other bad experiences other than being fired) and my days off arrive. I drive over, take care of my college orientation, and then head home. On Monday I was told that I did not request those days off and I was no call no show on those two days. I tried to explain, but they told me to just go home and wait for them to call me and tell me if I was to recieve any punishment. That phone call never came. I went into work on Wednesday and was right away sent to my flow manager’s office. He told me that the days I was requested was not confirmed and I should have known that. I tried to explain, but he ignored me and told me that I was fired. I went in at 6 in the fucking morning just to be fired. Fuck Target. Also I am sorry about my grammar. English is not my first language.

  • I am not proud of my 7+ years of service at a Target store. Apparently, I supported and enabled an arrogant, inept, abrasive, and irresponsible management staff. When something went wrong they found the most convenient scapegoat (associate) instead of considering their own disorganization, miscommunication, lack of knowledge, and failure to delegate tasks efficiently. What a fool I was to waste time there. Many jobs give the bonus of a sense of accomplishment. Not this one. Choose an employer with solid and able management–not a gang of stubborn and ineffective loudmouths who throw their weight around and try to cover their own mistakes by chewing someone out instead of finding the cause of the problem and correcting it.

  • July 26, 2018 - berrsim

    Discrimination at Tarshit

    So recently I began working at Target in the soft lines department and stopped working there about a month and a half later. While working at Target, a coworker has shown prejudiced behavior. One day at work, after saying that I was Arab/Middle Eastern, she asked me from which country and I said Iraq. After that, she said exactly, “Give me a year and I’ll make fun of you for that”. She threatened to mock me regarding my country of origin at my own workplace. Although I brushed it off to avoid conflict, it made me feel uncomfortable. I usually don’t mind jokes, but I don’t KNOW her personally. She was African American, and I know if I had made that remark to her I would be crucified.

  • - madmax53

    Peace out Tarshit

    This one is a long one..

    So i discovered this site when I tried typing in if people were getting treated the same way I was at target. So here’s a backstory I worked at another target when i was 17 going on 18, I am now 20. I was a cashier. Now at this target i work softlines and it has been the most harrowing experience ever. Words can not explain how much I despise this place.

  • For real!!! What’s wrong with that? The store at Waterford Lakes, Orlando, Florida, is a Super Target that closes at midnight, with lots of Self Check Outs. If you only have one freakin item, why in the world would you want to wait in a big lane for 30 minutes???

  • - mrsirsir

    Story from a friend

    I have long been gone from target. Two months out of target wooo!!! But a lot of my friends still work for target so I get the latest gossip and of course I come here to share it so here’s a story.

    TL we will call her Aly. Great team lead always got everything done no matter how bad it was. She started as a team member then moved up to TL. She was always cool till she became a TL. The ETL over softlines basically fed her bullshit and turned her into a really rude person.

  • July 2, 2018 - Silverfox

    London Drugs

    It just dawned on me why London drugs wasn’t exactly running like a headless chicken when Target decided to move up North. They were confident they had a strong loyal base.

    If you look them up on Wikipedia, they like to hire competent people who know what they are doing. And company morale is high with low turn over.

    Target on the other hand lol have this weird culture and seems to be awash in incompetent fools.

    I have a feeling they saw through Target and their hyped up image.  All bark and no bite.They were right. Target ran away after 2 years.

  • June 30, 2018 - andik1958


    Had my first cartwheel experience.

    Advertised price 20% off.  I scanned and my items were not sale price.  I asked and was told the sign says you must use the app.

    Wrong, sign says message and data rates apply.  Sign topper says cartwheel.

    Signs do not say you must download an app, then have the Target store scan a bar code on your phone.  Just another way to steal your personal information and false advertisement.  I refuse to purchase anything from Target again.  I will shop at CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid but not Target.  The excuses I was told make no sense.  Target, you screwed up.



  • Been with target almost a month.

    1. Haven’t been put into computer to set up direct deposit. Managers blow me off whenever I ask… any other job I’ve had I’ve completed basic stuff like getting paid how I’d like before I start working!