Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • November 13, 2018 - ashley1215

    Bullshit Cashiers have to Deal With

    I started as a seasonal worker in October and at first it was fun, making above minimum wage and working with other kids. But soon enough I learned Target culture, and here are some things I’m already sick of:

  • November 10, 2018 - formerloyalcustomer

    Unjustly Fired

    Been debating whether or not to post about my experience for a while but I can’t stay silent.

    In early August I interviewed twice and was offered a cashier position, as a loyal Target customer I was quite excited. I was told during orientation that in a month and a half when my schedule needed to be changed for college it wouldn’t be a problem at all, just submit a request two weeks in advance.

  • So today was my first day as a seasonal. I work in the apparel and was hired last week. The whole process seemed rushed to me. Orientation was good but the tour of our store sucked. The person that was in charge of our orientation was training under the HR of our store who LEFT IN THE BEGINNING OF THE ORIENTATION. She did good but all the people in the store are new or just don’t care.

  • November 3, 2018 - Redcardsuck

    To work at Target is Hell on Earth

    This is a parody of heaven is a place on Earth.

    Ooh, baby, dont you know you’re own Worth?
    To work at Target is Hell on Earth
    They say in Target, your health suffers
    When you work at Target it’s hell on Earth

  • October 31, 2018 - HRLiars

    Corporate Cowards

    If Target wants to save money quit screwing over the employees and get rid of corporate HR.  They don’t have the guts to say anything to the local HRs and just let them screw people over for their own amusement or personal prejudice, at least they let the ones in KCMO fuck people over for no reason and then lie like crazy if the person speaks up.  Wastes of human life all of them.

  • October 26, 2018 - TarGetFucked

    What the fuck is this shit?

    So I’ve been a team member for about a year and a half. I transferred stores in January of this year, and I regret my decision so much. The store I currently work for is an absolute atrocity compared to my old store. There’s hardly cashiers scheduled, my hours are dwindling each week, there’s no cart attendant in the morning, seasonal hire was a disaster… I could go on. My hours for the next week has been reduced to one four hour shift. ONE. FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK. This is absolute bullshit, I can’t live like this. Fuck you, Target.

  • I’m not kidding. The manager was named Kevin. He worked at the Target located on

    • 16400 Beach Blvd, Westminster

    I don’t think he works there anymore but, he made this long and uncomfortable speech where he compared me to a criminal because he THOUGHT I gave myself a discount on an 80 cent candy bar. I didn’t. He just assumed. I think the conversation costed the company more money than the candy bar itself. He wouldn’t shut up about it.

  • I will answer first for my store.

    1. -Store Manager is under 50, 40, 30?


  • October 21, 2018 - ExTar-Vic

    The New Boss

    So just to warn you: I’m no longer a Target employee so I’m not suffering the same turmoil as you guys.

    I was working in a Super Target in the Bakery. Now, it was a commonly known fact that the Bakery and the Deli shared the same team lead (is that what they’re called? they changed the terminology when I left).

  • - Rosietheriveter

    I hate you corporate.

    How do I hate thee, let me count the ways
    Target corporate, I hate thee because:

    1. I spend too much time thinking, worrying and perseverating over a job that does not, think, worry or care a shred for any of its employees.