Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • August 24, 2017 - mitty1324

    Denied a transfer with a lame excuse.

    Back on here ranting again. I moved in  with some roommates in order to be closer to school, so I couldn’t afford to stay at the store I was working at, so I transferred to a different target location since it was closer. Two months later the location I’m working at sucks (mainly the GSA’s/guests/hours are the reason). There is also the reason that I was promised to get a higher staff position but that never happened either.

  • August 18, 2017 - hardlines11

    Not Allowed to Go on Break

    As Cart Attendant, one of my responsibilities is to do carry-outs. So if a Guest is too weak to lift something, or if the item is large/heavy and is brought up to the checkout lanes on a flatbed, it is my duty to assist the Guest in getting the items in his/her car. Ok. No problem.

  • August 16, 2017 - Nergal

    Why I quit…

    I was reluctant to write this but I figured if I could deter even one person from working at Target as cart attendant then I have succeeded.

    I started working for target about 2 years ago,(quit just before my 2 years) took the job because I figured I could use some money and experience since it was my first job. The hiring process took about 2 weeks which wasn’t too bad. Although I have heard from several people that the hiring process took at least a month.

  • August 12, 2017 - AnonymousTM

    Got Coached For “Not Pushing the RedCard”

    Target’s management has done a lot of unfair, shady shit to me, but this one takes the cake.

    There was this GSA at my store who was always such a hawk about the redcards. Asked us every 5 minutes if we had gotten a RedCard, always singled people out who hadn’t gotten one yet, stuff like that. Well, recently, our GSTL quit and she got the promotiom.

  • August 11, 2017 - anon57

    NCNS or Two Weeks?

    Okay so long story short I plan on quitting Target, even though I’ve only worked there for about a month. I’ve run into multiple issues with our HR guy and he’s genuinely just an asshole and just makes me dread going to work every time I’m scheduled and berates me every time I do go for not knowing what to do, even though nobody has made an effort to train me.

  • - cartattendant763

    Bored Out of My Mind

    I work as a Cart Attendant, and I’m normally scheduled for the closing shift (4:30-10, sometimes 4:30-11). I’ve spent a lot of time reading posts by other Cart Attendants and the common theme is that they are all ridiculously overworked and berated by their LOD’s for not getting everything done on time. I’m kind of going through the opposite situation, and need advice. I’m bored out of my mind. Every. Single. Day.  

  • August 9, 2017 - cartattendant763

    Dumbest Complaint in Target History

    I’ve been working as a Cart Attendant at Target for the summer. It’s been pretty good, but today I had the misfortune of working under a very grouchy GSTL who verbally berated me for the silliest, most immature reason you could ever possibly think of. Here’s what happened.

  • August 7, 2017 - WorstJobEver2012

    Still the same horrible company

    Stumbled across this site tonight and read so many similar stories of how this horrible company has wronged people that I had to sign up and add my own.

    I worked for target from 2002 till 2012. I managed to last 10 years in the “culture” and I still to this day do not know how. I was an original member of the start-up crew at the T-587 Distribution center in Galesburg Michigan and when I first landed a job with Target, I thought I’d won the job lottery. It didn’t take long to find out how seriously wrong I was.

  • August 5, 2017 - katt5

    Five years of nothing

    been a target cashier 5 years omg… they promised id also be on guest service desk .. but they never kept that promise .. promised id be cross trained in other departments to get more hours never happened. promised self check never happenned.. in 5 years they gave every cashier after me more hours  , they got off register to work g serv and other areas.. over and over i would remind think  dozens of times.. got ignored over and over.. got lied to 3 times by frank who said i was imagineing things…  

  • August 4, 2017 - TargetSucks

    No Names

    There are some pretty horrible cuntnugget shitbags that work for Tarshit, and some of you may really hate some of them. That’s all fine and good. Don’t name them here. Call out your store if you want, even say a first name if you feel that you have to, but do NOT say anybody’s full name. It’s best to change names of people for your own safety. If we catch anybody using a full real name, we may choose to delete the post, and even their account in some cases (neither are guaranteed and we take no responsibility for any posts on this site).

    If she’s a cunt, call her Cunty McCuntface. Her real name should be saved for your lawsuit. If he’s a dick, call him Dickface McTwatisckle. Tell your stories, and leave out the real names until you’re filing in court.