Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.
  • January 17, 2017 - cashierofdarkness

    Cashier Anxiety

    I have been working as a cashier for about 7 months now. I am getting anxiety and mental health issues. Some of my coworkers are rude and bossy with me. Some are amazing and sweet and make Target a great place to work. But really co workers is not the real problem. The real problem is the horrible guests with nightmare attitudes. So many of them are condescending and picky. They are quick to anger if you accidentally don’t bag something there way or goodness forbid there card declines and it is somehow my fault.

  • I started as a Backroom TM October 2015.  Promoted to BR Team Lead March 2016.. BIG mistake, I lasted just 6 months with all the horrible ETL’s, miserable STL and the 6 days+ in a row, never getting 2 days off in a row but every other weekend.  So I demoted, and had to change stores.  I lost my $3.50 bump for TL, which was expected, but found out I am making a mere $.16 more than new people being hired on??  

  • - screwmanagement

    No talking or fun

    When I first started working at target in 2012 I was a college freshman trying to make a little bit of extra money for payments. At first I couldn’t believe my luck I made a lot of new friends and all of management really seemed to take a general liking to me. This was most likely because at the time I was getting multiple red cards a day. Slowly though they started realizing that at some moments throughout my shift I could be seen at electronics talking to a friend or while up at the service desk I would make a joke.

  • So one day I come into work in the afternoon and I am told to zone toys, which is a little odd since that’s usually what we do on closing shifts. So I’m zoning toys and there are a lot of team members around me, some I don’t recognize. Eventually someone comes over to me and tells me there are people here from other stores to help us get back into shape from the Black Friday disaster, and they say the DTL is here too.

  • I should’ve known from the getgo that this place was a shithole. I was able to rock my interview after a night of battling a stomach bug and having 0 nutrients in my body, I felt like complete shit. But nonetheless, I was hired.

  • Hey all! New member here. I started back in October as a backroom team member. Prior to my first day, I came across this site. After reading all the posts I thought to myself, “these people are nothing but whiney bitches. They probably just don’t want to work.” Fast forward a couple weeks. I have never been so wrong.

  • - pleasehelp


    I gave my two weeks via email about a month ago and it was ignored. I have been trying to find someone who works in HR to do it again but they are never working. I want to stop showing up but I know you have to turn in your name tag and employee discount card on your last day and I don’t want them to accuse me of stealing them or anything. Help please.

  • What a fucking joke of a title.

    Ive worked in retail a LONG time, have tons of management experience and have had my own stores. Left high end retail doing visual merchandising in hopes of having to be less of a babysitter and still be able to do things I enjoy…

  • January 2, 2017 - Anonymous

    Call ins

    So I never usually call in during my 4 years working at target. Yet I see people around me calling in every other week or so. I save my call ins for when I really need them or get really sick. So I decided that I should call in after being sick all day during my day off. After calling I was informed that all call offs are now an automatic coaching. Uhhhhh I work in food. So now they want people to be sick around food all the time????

  • - Nerdrage22

    Death in the family

    So my mom came home from work and told me my grandmother died. Fast forward a few hours after I cried myself to sleep I wake up about an hour and a half until my shift is supposed to start.( I had a short four and a half hour shift for Guest Service) I call Target talk to the LOD to say I won’t be at work today.