Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

February 29, 2020 - throwaway78946


Hello, all! I’ve been an employee at Target for over two years and I’m ready to move on. I started out as a seasonal cashier in 2017, and I worked in that position for about a year before I started working at guest service.

Although it has very strong competition, guest service is arguably the worst department in the whole store. Aside from the occasional TERRIBLE guests, we also have to deal with people who clearly don’t respect us or our time; they just ignore us and treat us like we’re not even real people. However, some of the people on the floor (AND managers) don’t understand all the work that goes into keeping service desk up and running. I’ll save you the trouble-it’s a lot of fucking work.

My store hasn’t been remodeled yet, so we have to deal with the following: returns, order pickups, drive ups (the bane of my fucking existence), Kodak, defects, reshop, and keeping everything on brand. The worst part is that they only schedule 1-2 people there at any given time of the day. When it looks great (which, again, takes a lot of fucking work!), they say nothing and just give us more things to do. If it doesn’t look great, they just tell us all the things we’re doing wrong and offer very little assistance.

FURTHERMORE, they keep adding to our workload without giving us any extra help (or money). We now have to check the restrooms,  complete return to stock, and get carts outside if there isn’t a guest attendant. I’m so exhausted.

I learned a while ago not to expect anything extra from Target, and that they really don’t give a fuck about spreading their employees too thin without any compensation. About half of the ETLs and TLs make us do the dirty work while they just walk around the store and give us more things to do.

Also, it’s fucking IMPOSSIBLE to get promoted. There was a GSTL position that was open a few months back, and two very qualified people from within the store both applied for it; they had both worked there for about five years apiece, were very knowledgeable about several areas of the store, and had worked as GSAs. Do you know what they did instead? They hired two people with NO experience working at Target to fill those positions; for the first few months, they kept asking us about basic aspects of the job. Even worse, one of them got fired for sexual harassment and general fuckery a few months after he got hired.

It’s taken a bit of time, but I’m finally over it. Fuck Target.


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