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December 5, 2018 - LittleCrest

Over GSA and Small Formats entirely.

Before I start this long rant about what my position was and how it varied from other large format Targets.

I work at the newest Target in California, which was to be a TargetExpress. During this time, I was made to be part of guest services which I excelled at when I was still training at another location near me. (trust me when I say that when I put in my two weeks tomorrow, I am happy to give store numbers and locations.) Helping people and getting shit done is my specialty until I got transfered over to the store I was hired for.

Now, I am eighteen and fresh out of highschool. I had various positions of leadership prior to graduation, but nothing could prepare me for this. See, if nobody told you already, there is a minor issue if you are self check out and/or guest services. You’re acting GSA/GSTL. While jugling the small format of no big bins and having to defect everything that comes your way, overrides, hardlines not responding to calls so your bins pile up, having to have the answer for every single inconvience, ETL’s judging you for being so overwhelmed when you are micromanaged/flustered/busy, and so much more. If i need somebody to cover a break or a lunch, I call my LOD, yet they decide to scold me if I take anybody off the grid to cover a break or a lunch or to even do gobacks.

It’s a lot. It really is and I am burnt out.

My advice? Find a smaller store that is not dictated by a corperation and maybe a mom and pop shop where people get to know you. Not some place that drags you around and kills everything you know.


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